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Geelong Skip Bin Hire: A Comprehensive Guide

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Whether you need to get rid of some general light rubbish or a major building project, Geelong Skip Bin Hire has you covered. It’s far easier and cheaper than taking trailer loads of waste to the tip! The first step is choosing the right size of skip. This is easy – simply enter your suburb into the box on the home page and click Start Here.

What Is A Skip Bin?

A skip bin is a large waste container that’s perfect for disposing of a significant amount of rubbish. It’s typically rectangular or trapezoidal in shape and is used extensively in construction, commercial and residential clean-up projects. Skip bins are delivered to a site by specialised trucks and replaced when they’re full. The type of rubbish you can put in a skip bin depends on the waste category you select. Some of these include general waste, green waste, concrete, bricks, soil and sand. Some of these waste categories may incur additional disposal charges after the Geelong Skip Bin Hire is collected.

When selecting your skip bin, you should always choose one that’s slightly bigger than what you anticipate needing. This way, you can be sure you’ll have enough space to fit everything you need to dispose of. If you’re unsure which size to choose, the best option is to consult a skip bin price guide or request a quote online.

Sizes Of Skip Bins

The larger sizes of Skip Bin Hire Geelong are ideal for when you have a large amount of waste. They can cater for up to 32 wheelie bins worth of rubbish, making them ideal for whole home renovations, extensions and larger landscaping projects. The smaller sizes of skip bins can cater for up to 12 wheelie bin loads of rubbish, making them ideal for small projects like a one room revamp or a cleanout for your yard. They are also good for smaller commercial jobs.

Same day hire is available for some skip bin sizes, allowing you to quickly remove your rubbish and keep on track with your project schedule. This is particularly helpful when you have a lot of bulky items to dispose of and don’t have the space or means to take them to the tip yourself.

What Can I Put In A Skip Bin?

Skip bins can be used for a wide variety of wastes, from garden rubbish to construction waste. However, there are a few things that cannot be thrown in a skip hire geelong, such as hazardous waste and chemicals. These should be taken to the recycling centre or other appropriate disposal facilities instead. Metal waste, such as old car or bicycle parts, can be put in a skip bin. However, it’s best to separate it out from other waste to make sure it isn’t mixed in with any toxic or contaminated items.

Waste that’s likely to rot should also be avoided, such as food scraps and disposable nappies. Putrescible waste can attract pests and lead to unpleasant odours, so should be taken to the local council’s waste management facility instead. Most skip bin services include a certain amount of disposal in the price of the hire, but this can vary by company. Make sure you check the service description to ensure you know what to expect.

What Can’t I Put In A Skip Bin?

There are a few items that you can’t put in a skip bin as they may cause harm to the environment or pose a risk to people using it. These include asbestos, chemicals and toxic waste. If you’re unsure, check with your local council or ask a member of the team at a skip hire company before hiring a skip. General rubbish such as non-toxic household waste, kitchen and bathroom rubbish, soft plastics and sanitary items can go in a general waste Skip Bins Geelong. You can also throw away broken furniture, garden waste, timber furniture and renovation waste in this type of skip.

These bins can also hold green waste such as grass cuttings, leaves and twigs as well as wood. However, you cannot put soil or dirt in this type of skip. This is because it must be disposed of correctly as it can cause environmental impacts such as nutrient retention.


There are times when you need to dispose of large amounts of rubbish. For example, when you have a garage clean out or a major renovation project. Or if you have bulky items that the council recyclers won’t take.