Food Storage in Commercial Kitchen: Must Wanted Equipment

Food Storage in Commercial Kitchen: Must Wanted Equipment

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If starting a new restaurant, the kitchen is the most crucial thing one thinks. Beauty and hygiene are the main qualities that every kitchen should have. Food storage is an important factor that should one needs to give more attention while selecting new kitchenwares. Get your Granite Benchtops for your kitchen but question is that where you find Granite Benchtops? Don’t worry! you can find Granite Benchtops Melbourne.  Safe handling of food is crucial for catering units and restaurants, and one should add special equipment and facilities to a commercial kitchen for food storage and preservation. A wide array of such commercial kitchen wares are available in the market according to one’s budget. Among the equipment, there are some musts which one cannot avoid. Let’s look at some innovative equipment that adds to the functionality and beauty of a commercial kitchen and helps in storing and preserving food. As for the latest menu prices, they tend to be higher each year.

Cryovac Machines

Cryovac machines are the most-wanted equipment in a commercial kitchen. The machines are designed for preserving food by sealing the packages. The sealing makes it airtight and prevents exposure to bacteria or moisture, thus reducing contamination. These machines are available in a wide range of varieties suitable for various purposes. They help in extending the shelf life of food items. They reduce the amount of food wasted and help to save money. So, cryovac machines are necessary to a commercial kitchen for efficiently storing and preserving food.

Gastronorm Containers

Gastronorm trays are standard in the catering industry for preparing, serving, storing, and chilling food. Stainless steel trays can store food items in freezers and refrigerators as they are highly durable and suitable for deep chilling. Using polycarbonate trays with compatible lids helps in preserving food without losing its texture and flavour. As these pans are transparent, there is no need to open the lids to identify the food item, making it the least vulnerable to contamination.

Commercial Fridges

Commercial Fridges are unavoidable for cafes, restaurants, and all other hospitality businesses. One can use them for both storage and display purposes. Beverage chillers, wine coolers, display chillers, etc., are some of the commonly purchased ones. Commercial fridges are different from domestic fridges as they hold thousands of pounds of stock inside. Also, they should have the capacity to withstand hot conditions and constant opening and closing of doors. They are also the best option to reduce food waste in commercial kitchens. 

Commercial Freezers

There are various items in a cafe or Best soul food restaurant in Dallas TX that they need to store in a freezer. Single and double door freezers, display freezers and upright freezers are commonly used freezers for commercial purposes. Freezers protect food items from bacteria, high temperatures and dust. Due to their increased storage capacity and cooling ability, freezers are the efficient and durable option for cafes, restaurants, etc. In addition, freezing can increase the longevity of food products. Thus it helps in reducing food waste. From the wide range of freezers available in the market, it is vital to choose the one appropriate to the purpose. 


While buying commercial kitchen accessories, always look for dealers offering personalised services. There will be contractors who would design the kitchen according to the client’s preferences. It is essential to decide on the food equipment bearing in mind the scope for food storage also. Be it a home kitchen or a commercial one, food storage is essential, and one should install the necessary for that.

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