Fixed: Netgear EX2700 Extender Dropping Connection

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Netgear EX2700 extender is a great device to get WiFi in every nook and cranny of your house or workplace. Though it is one of the best WiFi devices to consider, it is also prone to technical issue like any other devices. And the most common issue that 4 out of 5 users face with their Netgear EX2700 extender is that it keep dropping connection. However, the issue “Netgear EX2700 extender dropping connection” issue can be fixed easily but it can interrupt with your internet connection while surfing the web, video streaming, online gaming or doing some important work online.

We completely understand how frustrating the situation can be – when your Netgear EX2700 extender keeps dropping internet connection. And that is why, we have come with this post. Here, we will provide you some of the best solutions to fix Netgear EX2700 extender dropping connection issue in minutes. So, without wasting much time, let’s begin, shall we?

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Fix: Netgear EX2700 Extender Keeps Dropping Connection

Make Sure to Connect to Correct WiFi Network

After a successful Netgear EX2700 setup, the extender provides you a new WiFi network name i.e. Netgear_ext. So, to fix Netgear EX2700 extender keeps dropping connection, you have to ensure that you are connected to your extender’s new extended SSID.

Power Cycle Your Netgear EX2700 Extender

A simple reboot or power cycle of your Netgear EX2700 extender can also resolve the dropping connection issue. In order to power cycle or reboot your Netgear EX2700 extender, all you have to do is to unplug it from the power socket, wait for some time, and plug it back in again. After plugging your Netgear extender back in, you have to wait for a few seconds for the EX2700’s power LED to become green and stable.

Keep Your Netgear EX2700 Extender Away From Interference

If you are still struggling with Netgear EX2700 extender keeps dropping connection issues, consider checking its placement. Yes, you read it right! The performance of your Netgear extender completely depends on its placement. So, don’t ever place your Netgear extender near to those interference-creating WiFi devices that come in the path of your EX2700’s WiFi signals. Such devices are cordless phones, Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, etc. Apart from that, if you place your Netgear extender near to thick walls, inside a cabinet or in corners, you won’t be able to make the most out of your EX2700’s WiFi. Hence, relocate your Netgear EX2700 extender to get the uninterrupted WiFi speed all over your house.

Incomplete Netgear EX2700 Setup

Incomplete Netgear EX2700 setup process can also leads you to dropping connection issue. Hence, to fix Netgear EX2700 extender dropping connection issue, ensure to set it up completely and properly.

Bonus Tip: Seek Netgear extender manual for complete setup steps.

Update Your EX2700’s Firmware

Your Netgear EX2700 extender come embedded with a software named “Firmware”. However, the firmware may become outdated or corrupted over time. So, to fix Netgear EX2700 extender keeps dropping connection, update its firmware right away to the latest version. For this, you have to visit mywifiext web page and check the available updates for your Netgear EX2700 extender. On the off chance if there is any firmware updates for your EX2700, update it right away.

Reset Your Netgear Extender

If nothing resolved Netgear EX2700 extender keeps dropping connection issue, consider resetting it back to factory default values. Before resetting your device, bear in mind that this process will delete all the settings made by you during the initial Netgear EX2700 setup process. So, it is recommended to note down the settings before resetting your Netgear extender.

Once you reset your Netgear extender, connect a device to your EX2700, visit Netgear Genie setup wizard using mywifiext and configure it again.


So, these were the solutions to fix Netgear EX2700 extender keeps dropping connection issue. Just in case, the same issue continues to trouble you, feel free to get in touch with our experts.

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