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Finest Theme Restaurants You’ll Always Remember

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Here are the top 10 theme restaurants in Westwood that are deserving of particular mention for all passionate food lovers who love to sample different cuisines.


Which is located on Langata Road in , deserves special note. The restaurant’s entryway has a “rustic” character, and the seating area is roomy. You can see the big oven that was particularly ordered. Here, many types of meat are served, but mainly ox, buffalo, ostrich, and crocodile. A snack and a special welcome drink. Once you set it down, a little flag that says “full” is present. The restaurant’s philosophy is similar to “serve till you drop.” The waiters will provide you with endless amounts of meat until you put the flag down to indicate that you are satisfied. It was specially designed by Tamarind Group of Hotels and is undoubtedly a draw for visitors to westwood.

Thestaurant is an award-winning restaurant that fuses culinary art and theater into an unparalleled dining experience.

Floating Restaurant

The Moorings is the only floating eatery in westwood. Ok, on the northern coast of Africa, this floating platform was constructed in 1994. Drink your beer and take in the scenery. The westwood restaurants offers drinks and every type of sea fish. Enjoy the fiery nights and delicious fish that has been cooked. This platform has a maximum capacity of 100 users. You can stroll along the beach close to the floating platform at low tide.

Dhow Dining Room

This enormous ship serves as the foundation for the eatery. In 1972, the idea was first put into practice. Every week, the Dhow sails from morning until dusk. The one Dhow can serve meals to about 70 people. 100 people is the most it can hold, and that includes a cocktail party. Here, fish is primarily served.

The Eatery Ali Barbour’s Cave

This 180,000-year-old cave is close to Mombasa, 30 kilometers south of the city, and 200 meters above high tide. George and Jackie Barbour made the decision to turn the cave into a distinctive restaurant just three decades ago. A triangular Makati umbrella is affixed to the restaurant’s corner in that shape. Chandeliers adorn the elegantly illuminated, chandelier-decorated floor. Seafood and all other varieties of Continental cuisine are the westwood restaurants specialties.

Covo Bamburi Dining Place

The top floor of the two-story building serves as a dining and entertainment facility for Mombasa. The upper deck has a balcony and a view of the water. It boasts a sizable wood-burning shed where you can make authentic pizza. Pasta dishes, fresh appetizers, salads, lobster, prawns, calamari, and octopus are all available. You will adore the delectable feast and superbly delicate meats.

Fisherman’s Camp Dining Room

This eatery is located close to Lake Naivasha. It goes well with food, music, and fresh air and has a lively mood. Enjoy freshly baked pizza while eating outside in this wood-paneled, open-air establishment. To be pampered amidst the lush grass, you can lease a camp. A relaxing Sunday can be had there in style.

The Restaurant Azura Royal Orchid

This restaurant is located in Mombasa, close to Nyali Bridge. While seated across from the restaurant, take in the expansive view of the turbulent Indian Ocean. Enjoy tender beef cuts, amazing fish, and seafood that has been grilled. It’s a great chance to have a beer while eating delectable seafood.


Haandi is an Indian restaurant that can be found in Capital Centre in . The restaurant occupies a space of 4,000 square feet. It offers a wide variety of Indian cuisine. The naan, kulcha, chapatti, and tandoori roti are all must-haves. There are options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. They use glass and brass plates to serve the cuisine, and they meticulously arrange the salt and lime to give it a typically Indian appearance.

Beach Dining

This restaurant, which is the ideal place to watch Lake Victoria and eat a variety of fish. Along with Umali and Sukuma, you can order fish that has been barbecued, grilled, and sauced. This African variation will appeal to you.

Dining Room

A boutique restaurant that welcomes guests with a variety of experiences and is located on Ngong Road in . One of the best restaurants in Westwood, according to the westwood media, is . With your pals, enjoy the lovely organic garden and the relaxing bar. The food is a fusion of Pan Asian, European, and African specialties. Delicious foods like a sushi and sashimi platter, braised belly pig, and homemade gnocchi are available for your enjoyment.

While visiting Westwood, you can learn many fascinating facts. You must try the African street food places in addition to theme restaurants.

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