Exposed Concrete

Exposed Concrete: All You Need To Know

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Given its attractive appearance and longevity, exposed aggregate has emerged as a preferred polished concrete alternative. It is a premium alternative for ornamental Cement Paving & Repair in Johnson City, TN around the property because it is entirely customised and simple to construct.

Exposed concrete is a type of ornamental cement in which the overlay of a concrete mixture is removed to display the gravel in the hardened concrete. You may also use the material in pavement construction.

Ornamental stone is a prominent aggregate used within concrete mixtures.

  • Gravel
  • crumbled rock
  • The pea stone
  • Limestone
  • jagged shards
  • Basalts
  • Quartzite 
  • Granite

Exposed gravel concrete looks not only attractive but also robust and skid-resistant, making walks, patios, swim decks, and playgrounds secure.


Exposed concrete as a polished concrete alternative for your home has several advantages. These advantages include:

Aesthetic factor

Ornamental concrete with bare aggregate is visually appealing. Exposed mixed concrete incorporates ornamental grains in various forms, textures, and hues to complement any exterior architecture.

This entirely customisable concrete may integrate nicely with different kinds of building construction surrounding your property, creating an appealing, distinctive aesthetic that increases the visual appeal of the estate.


Solid grain concrete has the integrity of the structure of cement, making it extremely robust and capable of lasting 40 years or more. It can withstand congestion against all conditions, including frigid temperatures, storms, heat, frost, and snow.

Minimal Maintenance

This kind of concrete needs little upkeep other than an occasional washing with water and refilling every 3 to 5 years to safeguard it and keep its gleaming beauty.


It is simple and inexpensive to construct. Because just a few more components are required to make an exposed concrete mixture, this ornamental concrete is reasonably priced.


Because exposed gravel avoids skidding, these surfaces are better to stroll and ride on, particularly in rainy circumstances. Paver stones in the exposed composite provide a rough surface, giving it a skid-resistant characteristic and lowering the danger of tripping and falling.


Car parks

Aside from improving the curb appearance of your property, an exposed aggregate runway offers a grip for automobiles, which would be particularly important in wet, snowy, or icy situations. This stability also allows you to enter and exit your car comfortably and safely.


Solid aggregate poolside decking provides a lovely, safe and stable support even when soaked. Lighter pebbles or gravel that is not extensively exposed can provide the slip-resilient and decorative features of open concrete mixtures while not being too abrasive to tread on bare feet.

Sound-proof areas

Because it traps sound waves and decreases echoing, the bumpy texture of exposed gravel construction mixes effectively as a sound-proofing barrier for basements, studios, or more. Perforated aggregate cement is also frequently utilised as acoustic barricades along freeways.


A bare concrete patio may tie your general living area outdoors by matching your exterior furnishings with this customised ornamental concrete. Its sturdiness and high reliability make it a worry-free patio surface solution that will last ages.

Is It Worth It?

Getting an expert to handle the construction is best, so be cautious about who you place your faith in. It is critical to have architects who understand how to proceed to do this work because improper installation might lead to complications later.

The excellent part is upkeep is not as difficult or time-consuming in comparison to other forms of flooring. If correctly fitted and insulated, users will not need to consider upkeep. It is a wonderful choice for anybody searching for a low-cost, long-lasting, and fashionable alternative. If you enjoy the way it looks, you probably wouldn’t mind doing a little additional maintenance between the lines.