Signature Signet Rings

Everything You Must Know About the Signature Signet Rings

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Men’s jewellery has seen evolutions in the past and, now, they get to wear signature pieces just like women. Men’s ring collection has constantly been growing, and sealant rings have been a traditional choice. In the past, a silver signet ring would have heritage engravings, and they would punch these sealed engravings over documents. Later, it saw transitions and turned out to be the gentlemen’s ring that holds powerful emotional connections. Even today, most men prefer creative embarks on their signet rings while others go with their family crests.

What’s the Point of Signet Rings?

The Australian jewellery industry records an employment number of 3,161, with new designs and patterns hitting the market every year. Contemporarily, signet rings have emotional values that have space for embarking the names of your loved ones, a family crest or a significant symbol. And today, most signet rings do not hold the actual purpose they served but have become a fashion statement among men. Signet rings usually have a flat and raised Surface that stands offshore the ring surface. And on silver signet rings, you can make the cast in either silver or also go for gold.

What Shape Should You Pick?

A silver signet ring can take any shape, and there are typical shape options available as you can make quick choices between oval or round. The oxford oval signet rings are the most common shape you will find in the men’s section. However, lately, the cushion rings, which are squared, are taking the edge of an ancient-modern combination. Besides, round and Marquise are other options!

Now, if you’re wondering which style to pick, it depends on if you want to go aesthetic or modern. If you are looking for daily wear, simplistic designs like the Marquise or round can best suit. On the flip side, the oxford oval can be too heavy for everyday use, but it has a prime bold statement for any occasion.

Stone Options on the Signet

Silver signet rings are the most affordable out of all other metals! However, infusing a gemstone on your signet ring is a sensible idea. Australian jewellers, well-known for their craftsmanship, can quickly set any gemstone of your choice onto the signet ring.

When it comes to stone options, they are versatile. From the bold and black Onyx to the striking tiger’s eye, there are multiple choices. So, your preference can lie in what each stone signifies. For instance, the tiger’s eye aids in bringing harmony and is a symbol of peace. On the flip side, the bloodstone signifies courage and boldness.

Why Are They Trending?

Signet rings have been in use since ancient times, but their popularity to date is a mystery for many. For instance:

  • It’s because silver signet rings are an inexpensive way to reflect your personality or manifest your value. Your signet gemstones can define you.
  • Also, these rings can go with any outfit and create a bold fashion statement on any occasion.
  • By wearing this ring, there are better chances of you getting noticed. And unlike other jewellery, you need not worry about matching them to your outfit or cufflinks; they carry themselves flawlessly.
  • When you go with graved signet rings, there will never be a replica of it; it becomes one unique piece that only you own and wear.
  • Signet rings don’t just make you seem like a gentleman but also are a medium to lock your loved one’s name or a love symbol. For this reason, ladies out gift embarked signet rings to their loyal partners.