Ant Infestation

Eliminating an Ant Infestation with the Right Help

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Ants are common household pests but no homeowner would ever wish to see them in their homes. Finding ants in and around your house can be frustrating. In general, these tiny pests are drawn to your house because of food debris, so they are often found in the dining and kitchen areas. But, even if your home is spotless, ants may still invade it. 

Common Reasons Ants are Drawn to Homes

Ants prefer to enter homes because of the weather. During heavy rain or intense heat and drought, they search for relief inside. Also, food is usually left out on counters and in bowls, and a home can provide an ideal living space for ants. An ant infestation can also happen because of a nest in the yard. To effectively get rid of ants, it is imperative to destroy the colony and the queen. But, ant colonies are huge and usually hidden or underground. Spraying the surface of the mount cannot eliminate the issue. Only the upper chambers of the ant tunnels are affected by the pesticide. As a result, ants will move deeper, making it harder to eliminate. Your best solution is to hire ant exterminators. Experienced pest control experts know the safest and most effective treatment to get rid of ants. They usually have special tools, techniques, and chemicals to eliminate an ant infestation. They may prepare a pesticide control plan and monitor your house to ensure the successful elimination of ant colonies. 

Different Kinds of Ants

To successfully get rid of ants in and around your home, you should identify first the type of ants you are dealing with. Different ant species vary in their nesting places. But, if the weather is bad, nearly any type of ants will build a nest under a house. Knowing where ants nest will make it easier to find and possibly manage the infestation. 

House ants are a nuisance as the nest just anywhere they get access to water, including in appliances, as well as under flowerpots and pet dishes. Eliminating them is difficult since they have multiple colonies and queens.  Another type of ants is carpenter ants that tend to tunnel through wood, without leaving sawdust or debris. But, they can still cause serious structural damage to your home if you ignore the colony. Fire ants live in colonies near open areas like fields and lawns. These territorial insects attack in groups by biting and injecting venom into their victim.