Best Educational Games for Kids to Play on Android

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Childhood is the best learning phase in anyone’s life. Learning new things is way better in childhood than in other phases of life. However, it is observed that modern-day children have started using smart devices frequently. Be it a smartphone or tablet, they will stick to it without caring about their surroundings. This habit can seriously affect their learning and education. The best way for parents to deal with this issue is to find apps and games on smartphones that can contribute to children’s learning process.

The good news is you will find plenty of games that are helpful for children’s education. However, finding the best ones among those apps can be a tough task. 

Of course, you would want to provide your children with the best of the lot, but there are better approaches than trying and testing individual games. You won’t have substantial time and effort to do that. Hence, we have compiled a list of the best educational games for kids to play on Android. 

If you want to know the names of these games and their benefit for your children, read this article until the very end. Further details are given below:

Pixel Art – Color by Numbers

Colouring is considered an effective way to enhance brain development. If your children are not doing it on a simple coloring book, Pixel Art games on android smartphones and tablets can be a perfect solution. 

This app features a variety of amazing drawing games that will make the paint by numbers activity a fun thing for your children. Your children will be able to discover various colors and know their names. Additionally, they will use their creative instinct and various color combinations to give a beautiful appearance to various drawing structures.

The benefits of Pixel Art games are not limited to the discovery of various colors and improved creativity. This app will also help children improve their hand-eye coordination because of the simultaneous activity of hands and eyes. 

Additionally, it will also help them improve their motor skills. The frequent use of this app will also play a key role in the enhanced concentration of your children. 


Starfall is a perfect app if you want your children to learn basic educational concepts before going to school or even during the Kindergarten or primary phases of the school. It features various interactive learning activities to make using this app a fun experience for children. 

For example, they can listen to ABCs, learn parts of speech, and view the talking library for enhanced learning. Additionally, it also helps them learn mathematics in a fun way. 

They will learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, geometry, and many other mathematical concepts easily through this app. 

Additionally, children can view rhymes, sing-alongs, and an interactive calendar for fun. Various characters like Zac the Rat and others will take your children on a fun learning journey.

Moose Math

As the name suggests, this app is purposefully built to make learning math a fun experience for children. It presents a mathematical adventure to children where children perform addition and subtraction in a fun way. They will also perform activities like sorting, geometry, and many more. 

There are more than 5 multi-level activities moose juice store, Puck’s pet shop, and Lost and Found. 

Moreover, children can earn multiple rewards after accomplishing these activities to build the town and decorate buildings. 

Simply put, it is a perfect game to keep your children learning new mathematical concepts in a fun way. Multiple Duck Duck Moose characters will help your children master counting and basic mathematics. Teachers and parents can also view the report card section to learn about children’s progress. 

Endless Alphabet

If you are worried about your children’s alphabet and word learning pace, look no further, as Endless Alphabet is here to help you. This highly excellent interactive app features all the necessary stuff to help your children learn the Alphabet, Words and ultimately enhance their vocabulary by knowing the meaning of various words. 

Children will discover and learn the alphabet as adorable monsters who change their shape. Additionally, there are word puzzles for your children.

There will be talking letters and interesting animated definitions of words to boost your children’s learning process. 

They will be able to learn plenty of basic words quickly, thanks to the Endless Alphabet app. Like many other parents, you can also use it to teach your children the basics of the alphabet and words in an interactive way. 

End Words!

Children these days are more attached to the screens of smart devices like smartphones and tablets. If you want them to perform well in terms of education, you need to train them well before they make it to school. You can take the help of multiple Android games to help them learn interactively. 

These apps or games are purposefully designed to make learning things like the alphabet, Numbers, Colors, and Rhymes fun way. 

We have discussed a few of them above. Hopefully, you will like it.