ECMO, Extra-corporeal Membrane Oxygenation Treatment

ECMO, Extra-corporeal Membrane Oxygenation Treatment

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Extracorporeal film oxygenation (ECMO) is a powerful procedure to give crisis mechanical pneumonic and circulatory help for patients with cardiogenic shock or respiratory disappointment recalcitrant to regular clinical treatments. It has been effectively utilized as an extension to heart and lung recuperation, heart transplantation or the implantation of a Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD).

What is ECMO

ECMO represents extracorporeal layer oxygenation. All in all, it is basically the same as a heart-lung sidestep machine utilized for open heart medical procedures.

Whenever the patient is put on ECMO, his/her blood recieves oxygen from a counterfeit lung in the ECMO circuit. Along these lines the oxygen needs of the body are kept up with till the patients’ heart and lungs can chip away at their own once more.

What are the kinds of ECMO?

There are two sorts specifically, Veno-Venous (V-V) ECMO and Arterio-Venous (A-V) ECMO. Veno-Venous ECMO comprises of a solitary cannula which is truly two catheters in one and is essentially utilized in ailments. Arterio-Venous Bypass includes two cannulae. The sort of ECMO in India utilized relies upon the patient and the kind of ailment they have.

What are the advantages of ECMO?

During an infection interaction, an organ or numerous organs are harmed and need time to recuperate and mend with proper clinical treatment. If under these circumstances the organ needs to continue to work, it deteriorates the weight on the organ. For example a feeble heart fizzling after remedial heart medical procedure needs time to recuperate. ECMO capacities as a fake heart and lung, and accordingly, gives rest or recuperation time to the heart +/ – lungs.

How does ECMO work?

A cylinder (catheter) is set in an enormous vein (in the neck or crotch of the patient) and deoxygenated blood or unclean blood is depleted and gone through a siphon (outside or fake heart) and an oxygenator (counterfeit or outer lung) alongside a scope gas stream framework which will entrain oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide from this blood. This oxygenated or unadulterated blood will look dazzling red and is siphoned once more into the patient at a similar rate as the patient’s pulse.

The ECMO Machine

The machine parts incorporate

TUBINGS which go about as pathway to take blood from the kid to the machine and back to the kid.

Siphon to take and give blood to the youngster.

Layer to which the siphon pushes blood for eliminating carbon dioxide and adding oxygen.

HEMOTHERM to warm the blood to keep up with internal heat level.

Is ECMO safe?

The gadgets and circuits utilized for ECMO have changed throughout the long term and more secure material are in effect presently utilized which are likewise enduring forestalling continuous difference in circuits. This was a typical issue in the past because of inconveniences like draining and expanded need of blood items. These issues have now been limited to an incredible arrangement and the execution of ECMO is likewise now a lot more secure in gifted and prepared hands, consequently, decreasing strategy related confusions in experienced units.

When to utilize ECMO?

ECMO is utilized when the patient is experiencing a perilous foundational ailment like serious pneumonia (ARDS), cardiovascular breakdown, cardiorespiratory disappointment (reversible) connected with disease or Surgery, where any remaining types of clinical treatment have neglected to cause huge improvement.

Simultaneously, it should be wisely and instantly initiated in conditions which are known to be reversible with time and suitable clinical treatment (disease, pneumonia, reversible heart brokenness). It must be recalled that ECMO is anything but a corrective measure however helps in resting the heart and additionally lungs that are unhealthy giving them an opportunity to recuperate.

Is ECMO costly?

ECMO is a costly and a work escalated treatment. Establishment of ECMO includes prepared specialists, anesthetists, intensivists, perfusionists, medical caretakers and productive and brief research facility administrations. It includes regular blood examinations and blood item use. Nonetheless, today it is turning into a reasonable methodology of treatment in the Indian situation too today.

What is the ECMO program at Kokilaben Hospital?

We have a functioning ECMO program with a committed group. Our ECMO experience is step by step building.

ECMO group

Dealing with a patient in ECMO is a multidisciplinary collaboration.

Our Team comprise of:

  • Heart specialist
  • Heart Anaesthesiologist
  • Intensivist.
  • Cardiologist
  • Perfusionist
  • Heart Nurse