Easter Yard Decorations For Your Home

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Easter is just around the corner and if you are looking for some fun and creative Easter yard decorations for your home, here are some ideas to get you started.

Bunny Yard Stakes

One of the best ways to make your garden pop off the block is to add some color and fun. For this task, bunny yard stakes are the way to go. These little beauties are available for under $30 and come in a wide range of styles, sizes and colors. They can be hung from a tree or potted plant or simply placed in the dirt. Some even come with a white fluffy tail. If you have a larger backyard, you might want to consider a multi-story model. With a wide array of options, you are sure to find the perfect outdoor kooky.


Making an Easter wreath is an easy way to decorate your home for spring. A great Easter wreath can be hung on your front door, mantel or buffet table. It’s a fun and festive way to welcome friends and family into your home.

The pastel colors and plaids on these beautiful Easter wreaths add a touch of color and pattern. There are a variety of materials that you can use to make an Easter wreath, such as silk flowers, burlap, ribbons, ribbon bows, silk berries, and tulips.

For a simple and inexpensive Easter wreath, you can make a carrot wreath. This easy decoration can be made from faux orange tulips and leaves. You can hang this wreath throughout spring and enjoy its vibrant orange look on your front porch or inside your home.

Felt Bunny Decor

If you’re looking to add a little bit of flair to your yard for the Easter season, easter yard decorations are a great choice. They are easy to make and a great way to make people smile. There are plenty of different types to choose from, including those made from felt and burlap.

The felt bunny has been around for a while. However, a few new ones have been coming to the market lately. Here are some of them. Felt bunnies can be made from sheets of felt or by using templates. Burlap and birch slices are also great materials to use. Using double-sided sticky tape, you can even create your own bunny figures to hang from trees or fences.

Wooden Egg Cut Outs

Wooden egg cut outs are a fun and easy way to decorate for the holidays. They can be painted, stuffed, and hung in the yard, porch, or mantel. With a few simple supplies, you can make some wonderful Easter decoration. Paint chip strips can be used to create colorful Easter egg garland. You can also make stencils from vinyl tape. For added embellishment, try using a craft punch.

A wire basket with a stick cross makes a fantastic spring decoration. It is perfect for a porch swing or patio side table. The wooden hopping bunny is also cute and can be placed in the corner behind the front door.

Larger-Than-Life Peeps

For Easter, there are plenty of ways to spice up your outdoor decor. You can purchase decorations and make your own. These inexpensive ideas will help you celebrate the season in style. An inflatable Peeps decoration was popular last year. It’s easy to put together, and makes for a great addition to your front porch.

A DIY monogram bunny is another fun Easter decoration. To make this project, fill a small gift box with chocolate eggs. Wrap it in red or yellow tape and tie it up with a pink ribbon. If you’re feeling crafty, you can use a paintbrush to add a few colors of dye to the eggshells. Let them dry for a few hours before hanging it up.


The Easter season may be a long way off but it’s never too early to start thinking about your easter yard decorations. Tulips are a perennial favorite and come in a variety of colors and sizes. They are also well suited to containers. In addition to their numerous uses, they are relatively easy to care for. This makes them the perfect flower for the discerning gardener.

The best way to keep your tulips in top condition is to give them a little TLC. You’ll need to make sure the soil is moist enough to encourage roots, but you won’t want to overwater. For the best results, plant your tulip bulbs about 6 weeks before the first hard frost.

Felt Egg-Shaped Pinata

Make an Easter egg-shaped pinata that’s both fun and interactive! It’s an easy project and costs only about $2. You can fill it with candies or toys, and hang it with ribbons or string. Egg-shaped pinatas are great for outdoor or indoor decorations, and there are a number of ways to create them. The materials needed are easy to find and can be used to decorate a variety of places.

Start by preparing your materials. A simple egg-shaped pinata can be made from newspaper and glue. If you don’t want to use newspaper, you can use strips of crepe paper. Or, you can make an egg-shaped pinata from papier mache.

Final Thought

So, Easter yard decorations can be a fun way to celebrate the holiday. You can add colorful decorations to the front door, the flower beds and the yard. There are a variety of different kinds, including those that are made of natural materials.