Dylan Schumaker

Dylan Schumaker

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On March 19, 2013, in the quiet town of Springville, New York, a tragic event unfolded that would change the lives of those involved forever. At the tender age of 16, Dylan Schumaker took on the responsibility of babysitting his girlfriend Ashlee Smith’s two young sons while she dedicated her time to working a shift at a local restaurant.

Little did anyone know that by the end of that fateful night, one of the innocent children would lose his life, and Dylan Schumaker would find himself entangled in a web of legal consequences.

The victim, Austin, was on the brink of celebrating his second birthday when he became the unfortunate center of this heartbreaking incident. Investigations later revealed that Dylan Schumaker, now etched in infamy, had subjected the toddler to a fatal beating. The consequences of that ill-fated night would be severe, as Schumaker was arrested and charged with second-degree murder.

Throughout the trial, emotions ran high as Schumaker tearfully expressed that he never intended to cause harm to Austin and professed his love for the child. However, the court, represented by State Supreme Court Justice M. William Boller, saw through what was described as Schumaker’s manipulative tactics and deceptive behavior.

Justice Boller, unmoved by the display of remorse, characterized Schumaker as a ‘manipulator and deceiver.’ Consequently, Schumaker was handed a harsh sentence of 25 years to life in prison for the tragic death of the young toddler.

Currently serving his sentence at the Clinton Correctional Facility in New York, Dylan Schumaker awaits the passage of time until his parole eligibility in 2031. However, the legal saga took a turn in February 2016 when the Court of Appeals decided to reduce Schumaker’s prison term to 18 years to life, altering the trajectory of his potential release. It is important to note that even if granted parole, Schumaker will remain under the watchful eye of the state’s supervision upon reintegration into society.

As of now, Dylan Schumaker, at 26 years old, has spent nine years behind bars since his initial incarceration in 2014. The walls of the Clinton Correctional Facility in New York confine him as he serves out the remaining years of his indeterminate sentence.

The story of this tragic event serves as a somber reminder of the consequences of one night’s actions, altering the course of multiple lives and leaving a community grappling with the aftermath of such a heartbreaking incident.

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