changing WordPress Theme affect SEO

Does changing WordPress Theme affect SEO?

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One of the things most tend to discover about search engine optimization (SEO) is just how comprehensive it can be. The search engine readiness of your website can depend on a lot of factors, including the load speed, how content is written and structured, how pages link to one another, and more. If you’re running a WordPress website and trying to stay SEO-aware, you might ask yourself: does changing the WordPress theme affect SEO? If you want to get best WordPress theme you can compere Divi vs Avada WP Themes.

The simple answer is yes, but let’s explain how in a few more detailed points. SEO Keys can help you leverage whatever strategies are available when it comes to maximizing your site’s SEO potential. Read this full article by AAM Consultants

It changes your site speed

Some WordPress themes are much better optimized to load more quickly than others. Typically, the more complex a theme is, the more elements it has to load, and thus the longer the load time. Some themes do make good use of optimized images to make “more” out of “less.” However, if a change in theme sees it taking over five seconds to load a page, that is going to negatively affect your SEO rankings. Of course, the opposite is true. Choosing a more nimble theme can improve site speed, which improves SEO.

It changes how content is formatted

Even if your content doesn’t change, fitting it to a new format, which might be dictated by your WordPress theme, can affect how well it is indexed. In particular, themes that use or encourage H1, H2, and H3 headings and sub-headings are ones you want to run with, as these are very SEO friendly. Not all themes handle these headings well, so it is worth checking.

It changes how the user experiences the site

Of course, the most obvious change a theme brings is a visual transformation. With that transformation can come a difference in how users experience the website. If your website becomes harder to read, you will see a higher bounce rate, and Google with judge your website accordingly. Of course, this means that if you can simplify your design and encourage users to stick around on the site for longer, Google can then improve your website’s score and chances of ending up higher on the SERPs.

It can optimize how SEO data is structured

Proper page title formatting, structured data, and meta descriptions are all examples of how you can provide SEO data to the search engine’s bots that allow them to better crawl, index, and display your site in search results. A lot of themes come with built-in features specifically designed to improve your SEO, so be sure to take a closer look at whether or not the one you are currently using has SEO features. For more information about how to WordPress malware removal.

Changing your WordPress theme and SEO have a lot more to do with one another than you might guess at first. Get in touch with SEO Keys to learn more about the little and large changes that can help you get better placements on those search engine results pages.