Do Title IX charges affect your scholarship?

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A Title IX charge on the grounds of sexual misconduct is a serious allegation and has severe repercussions. All public schools, colleges, and state universities must adequately consider and thoroughly investigate all Title IX complaints of sexual misconduct without holding any bias or partiality. A lot of private schools get financial aid from the federal government. Private colleges and universities also get hefty amounts of funding through federal loans as well as research grants. As a result, the students of those schools are covered under Title IX. If the school fails to recognize and investigate an instance of sexual misconduct, they risk losing federal funds. 

An attorney can help you if you are dismissed from school. The students are also at risk, as the charge can affect their education because of the following reasons: 

Harsh investigation procedure

The Title IX investigation procedure is often speedy. The accused student is faced with harsh sanctions that may involve probation, temporary suspension from school, and even expulsion. This has drastic consequences and can relentlessly impact the accused student’s education. It can also set back their careers by a lot of years.

Maintenance of standards of conduct

 A lot of educational institutions set up specific standards of conduct that are to be followed by students. They are essential as, in most cases, fulfilling those standards of conduct by the students is required to be eligible for scholarships. Title IX disciplinary sanctions can cause students to lose their merit and athletic scholarships. The schools or universities may also stop the financial aid provided to the student if the student is charged with Title IX sexual misconduct.

If you have been accused of sexual misconduct, it is advised to contact a lawyer as soon as you receive the official notice that you are the subject of a Title IX complaint. 

Consulting an attorney increases the chances you have of beating the charges. Because you have a lot at stake, you should avoid making the mistake of not taking the charges seriously enough until it’s too late. Sexual misconduct charges damage your reputation and ruin your career. A specialized professional can help you with the defense as well as inform you of your rights that can be exercised in this case. They also help avoid acts that can worsen your penalties, such as retaliation. Henceforth, your priority should be to seek the best legal team as it can change the outcome of your case as well as your life.