use a sunroom or screened in patio

Difference Between Sunrooms And Screen Enclosures

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The summer is a time for enjoyment, sunshine, and good times. The ideal place to enjoy the great outdoors is on your porch while sipping a sweet, tart lemonade. Unfortunately, it is also extremely hot, humid, and bug-filled. With screened in patios and sunrooms, you can take advantage of nature’s beauty while avoiding pesky things like rain or insects. You can choose the style that best matches your family’s needs by considering how you will use the area and the seasons you want to use it.

Factors To Take Into Account When Deciding Between An Enclosed Porch And A Sunroom

These factors can assist you in determining which form of extra living space is best for your home.


By considering how you intend to use a sunroom or screened in patio, you may determine whether they are the best choice for you. Both living arrangements have their advantages, but you can decide which is more useful and economical for your family by taking into account your own lifestyle needs or desires.

A screened in patio could be a terrific option if you enjoy entertaining guests or relaxing outside but detest mosquitoes and other insects. On the other side, a four-season sunroom may be more advantageous if you want to increase the value of your home or dislike the cold.

Property Value

In general, a sunroom addition will increase the property value of your home more than an enclosed porch because it adds year-round square footage. Although the price will be higher, you might be able to recoup your costs when you sell.

Nevertheless, the style of sunroom you build can end up being a hindrance. For example, higher-end constructions with less insulation (like conservatories, glass solariums, etc) may put off some prospective buyers.


A sunroom addition to your house is more difficult to construct and uses more materials than installing an enclosed porch. Estimates and final prices usually reflect this.

A screened in patio is generally the better choice if you’re looking to install something on a budget. You might also think about making cost-effective concessions, like setting up a covered porch with space heaters. You’ll pay a little bit more for your porch, but significantly less than you would for a sunroom.


When sipping your morning coffee, do you love the crisp spring or summer air? Or do you favor a place that is constantly at a comfortable temperature? You may choose between an enclosed porch and a sunroom based on where you live and whether you prefer being outside.

Sunrooms can be used all year round, while porches are often only effective during two or three seasons. However, in order to keep the space warmer all year round, many covered porches are now being constructed using energy-efficient materials and improved insulation.

Is A Sunroom or Screened Porch Right For You?

In a home with a screened porch, the living room is inside and the porch is outdoors. It’s even more special when you can entertain people outside on a nice summer night. You can give your family more living space by adding a sunroom. Without having to worry about the weather or other conditions, this extra area provides more fun all year long.

Sunrooms are lovely and very useful, but a screened in patio is a better financial deal and provides just as much pleasure. It just depends on your needs and preferences.