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The presence of a fire pit is hugely popular in outdoor spaces along with gorgeous outdoor furniture Adelaide to Sydney, fire pits reflect Australia’s outdoorsy lifestyle and love over gathering together with friends and family. Some are the very much expert Garden Office Garden Rooms and Buildings Suppliers in Chelmsford Essex. Also, they offer you the best Garden Rooms Chelmsford and outdoor office spaces available.

Therefore, the fire pit is an essential part of every outdoor setting. However, people often get confused between the fire pit options available on the market. Traditionally, fire pits were lit up as a result of burning woods.

However, this trend has changed over time and many modern options available for fire pits are ethanol or gas-based. However, if you can’t decide whether you should go with a gas fire pit or an ethanol one then keep on reading.

Here we have put together some valuable information regarding both types of fire pits. This information will help you in deciding which type is suitable for your outdoors. Further details are given below:

Ethanol and Gas

Before moving onto the comparison between both types of fire pits, we should take a closer look at the fuels that are used to light up fire pits or heaters. It should be noted that ethanol is getting quite popular because of its vibrant orange colour and clean flame that is capable of burning for long durations.

It is considered a renewable energy source because it is generated from byproducts of plant materials which come from the remains of crops like sugarcane, corn, rice, and grapes.

It doesn’t emit smoke or harmful toxins, unlike other energy sources or fuels. Fire pits running on ethanol are a new concept but are becoming quickly popular.

On the other hand, gas or natural gas is another fuel and energy source that is used for various purposes including the lighting of heaters and fire pits. It is basically a fossil fuel and is expected to disappear from the world in 53 years at the current rate of production.

It is a cleaner fuel as compared to burning woods and petroleum, and it generates lesser soot as compared to burning woods and propane fuel. In the next section, we will compare both types of fire pits on a number of factors.


In terms of installation, ethanol fire pits are comparatively easier to install as the installation of gas fire pits is expensive and complex. Fire pits running on gas require a hard gas line and nearby electrical connection for the purpose of installation.

You will also require a certified and licensed professional for installation work of a gas fire pit. You also need to make sure that there is a well-maintained gas pipeline going to the point of installation with no leakages of faults for safety.

However, you don’t face these challenging conditions while installing an ethanol fire pit and as a result, ethanol fire pits are often designed to work as stand-alone units. All you need to do is unpack your fire pit kit that runs on ethanol and simply place it at the desired position to enjoy the heat and the colours of the flames.

The simple steps of installation include positioning the burner into the base of the fire pit, fastening the screws for glass support brackets, and placing the glass screen in the ideal position. After that, you are good to go! 


The place where you put the outdoor heater is very important. People like to gather around the stove, so it is useful to give it a central place.

Every garden is of course different, which is why it is necessary to consider the possibilities for each situation. Depending on the type, the stove needs more or less shelter.

Not every stove or patio fireplace can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. You must also take this into account with the flue.