Floor Scraper Machine

Choose the Best Floor Scraper Machine Your Business Can Be Proud of

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If you are in the floor removal industry or thinking of starting your own floor removal business, you could increase your sales if you invest in a high-quality floor scraper machine. This machine has been invented in the early 90s and is serving its purpose until now.

You can remove materials with a floor scraper such as carpets, tiles, linoleum, hardwood, mortar, and other floor coatings. Without a doubt, floor scrapers will increase your business’s sales and profit because they can reduce work time and labor costs.

What type of ride-on floor scraper should you use for your business?

Before buying a set of floor scraper machines, it is essential to know which type would best optimize jobs and reduce strenuous labor. Battery and propane usually power floor scrapers. Their main differences and uses are discussed below.

  • Battery-powered floor scrapers

These machines are perfect if you want to work more quietly because they tend to emit less noise than other floor scraper machines. In addition, you would certainly avoid disturbing neighbors in the nearby area.

Battery-operated machines are also ideal for indoor environments because they produce zero emissions. So, not only will the people around you thank you but the environment as well. After all, nobody wants a polluted world.

Battery-powered floor scrapers are very environmentally friendly. They consume little to no gas or fuel. As a bonus, this factor will also help your business in the long run because expenses like operating costs are reduced.

If you’re looking for specific models of battery-powered floor scrapers, the best ones you could find in the market are:

– 2900 Battery Powered Scraper for fast flooring removal

– 5200-QL Battery if you want to change batteries without using a forklift

– 5700 All Day Battery for longer work hours (more than eight hours per day) 

– 5700 High-Speed Battery for long work hours and fast speed as well.

  • Propane-powered floor scrapers

A battery-powered machine may seem perfect for every type of work, but if you’re looking for an alternative, propane-powered floor scrapers can also provide optimal productivity in the worksite.

This type of floor scraper machine is a good use for sites where you can’t charge a battery-operated machine regularly. Typically, it has a higher horsepower motor than a battery-powered floor scraper. 

It is also perfect when you are in immediate need of a floor scraper machine because instead of waiting for your machine’s battery to fully charge, you can easily change the propane tank when you run out of gas.

For propane powered floor scrapers, some recommended models are:

– 8000 Propane Powered Ride-on Machine if you want a high rate of floor removal and

– 5625 Propane Riding Floor Scraper for a compact and powerful ride-on machine even without a power outlet.

Aside from choosing whether you want a battery or propane-powered machine, it is also important to think of other factors such as the cost and model. 

Choosing which type you should buy mainly depends on you. But if you want, you can have both. For example, you can use your battery-powered floor scraper first, and when you run out of power, you can switch to propane while charging the battery.