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CBD Vaping vs. Smoking: Which is Better for Your Health?

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For a long time, the mediums of using cannabis and its by-products were few. Smoking is among the long-standing methods people use to ingest their CBD products. Advanced technologies have led to diversified ways of using marijuana-infused products. Among them is vaping, which has been gaining traction over the past few years.

How is vaping different from smoking? As more and more people embrace the method, some are yet to understand it fully. One of the recurrent debates on the topic is how safe vapes are compared to smoking joints. Is one safer than the other?

Why People Choose Vaping

From the time e-cigarettes hit the market, they piqued people’s curiosity. The devices come in an essential function capacity: they do not need users to carry around buds, rolling papers, or even lighters. The design has them equipped with all the necessary parts for inhaling a concentrated amount of e-juice with no difficulty.

On top of their efficiency, they also come in several flavors and potencies. Companies set up online sites to stock varieties of e-juice flavors. They are also available in tiny sizes, allowing people to buy them without fully committing to a single taste.

Another huge motivator for vapes is the convenience in use. The efficiency of the gadgets goes past getting your high or CBD on the go. The flavored e-liquids do not leave a cannabis smell in the air after one uses the device. Most vape juices have aromas of fruits and flowers. They are also conveniently small and can easily carry them from place to place.

Specific designs take on a pen-like structure making it easy to use without any detection. Generally, vapes have been catching on due to the efficiency that they offer their users. If anyone were to search for how to vape CBD oil, they would find elaborate portable vapes and long-term ones on sale.

Similarities and Differences of Smoking and Vaping

Users have been known to vape and smoke CBD interchangeably. In looking up how does CBD vape make you feel, you will find positive reviews of its effectiveness as an ingestion method. The two are almost alike at face value because it takes heat for the cannabidiol to activate enough to impact a person.

Another similarity is that they both work by heating dried herbs or concentrated extracts. The users, in each case, have to inhale the burnt product through their mouths. The delivery of both methods is almost instantaneous. It takes little time for the effects to be felt.

 The next big question after the time the effects take to show is how long does CBD vape stay in your body? The answer is that the two methods lead to CBD staying in your body simultaneously. On average, CBD lasts 3-4 hours.

There are also key differences that set the two apart. One of the significant differences is that smoking involves burning the dried herb or concentrate at 500°F while vaping burns the content to 400°F. The difference in burning levels affects the strength of the various products in the CBD concentrate.

Another difference is that smoking users can only take the potency of the given joint, and there is no way it can get changed. On the other hand, some vaping gadgets allow the user to determine the strength of the heating coil and hence the potency of the e-liquid or concentrate. This aspect enables the user to calibrate their use in line with their tolerance levels. 

Lastly, the cost of the two methods is another thing that sets them apart. Smoking is considerably cheaper than vaping. With vaping, there are additional costs of getting vape juice, cartridges, and other crucial parts. Also, there is the fact that some are not rechargeable. Buying vapes and their equipment costs much more than buying joints and CBD concentrates for smoking.

Is it Safer to Smoke or Vape?

The main reason why people compare vaping and smoking is to determine which of the two is safer. There is an ongoing myth that vaping is considerably safer than smoking. Considering that getting a vape is as easy as visiting https://askgrowers.com/cbd/cbd-vaping and awaiting delivery it is crucial to discuss their safety. Smoking gets associated with inhaling harmful substances, such as joint burns. The myth is that since there is no visible combustion, then vaping should be safer.

Research debunked the same by asserting that long-term vaping is also dangerous. Vaping affects the user’s lung and heart health. Current studies are interested in the effects of inhaling the additional additives that get added to e-liquids and concentrate. Researchers are cautioning people on using vapes as they continue their studies.

Smoking is also considered dangerous. It involves the inhalation of harmful compounds that may be carcinogenic. According to the American Heart Association, both methods put users at risk of suffering from heart conditions. Which is safer?

Personal preference is what matters most. The CDC offers that removing certain chemicals and compounds from vapes makes them safer. The prevalence of adverse effects declined after vitamin E got removed from a specific e-juice. Regardless, users should practice caution when deciding which method to ingest CBD or any other cannabidiol by-product.


Smoking and vaping are two popular methods of ingesting CBD and THC. Vapes have been taking the market by storm; many believe they are not harmful. There are a few advantages compared to smoking from joints and pre-rolls, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are safer. Researchers have recently made publications detailing the dangers of vaping. Smoking, which exposes users to carcinogens and harmful smoke, may be similar to vaping, which damages the lungs and the heart. The only way to ensure user safety is for them to be keen on product quality, brand, potency, and frequency of use.

This article is the work of Tia Moskalenko. Tia has been a crucial member of our AskGrowers family for a while now. She continuously produces pieces with research to back the claims. Her passion for the cannabis flower allows her to pen articles that are useful and do not have any bias for what she prefers. The goal is to educate people on as many weed-related products and their benefits as possible.