Buying A Smartphone (2023) – Six Things to Look For

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Buying a smartphone seems pretty straight. Set a budget, go to the mall, and get a phone with the highest specs available. But wait, is that what you have been doing all along? If yes, there’s a high chance your smartphone is not the “right” one for you. Why? Because there are many other things to consider when speaking of The PERFECT smartphone. To understand if your smartphone is right for you, tick the points below and see if the answers are yes.

  • What will be the budget for your new smartphone?
  • Does your phone feel snappy?
  • Do you love the look and feel of the smartphone?
  • Are you happy with the photos on your phone?
  • What is the battery capacity? Does it last long after a full charge?
  • Is the internet okay on your phone?

If all the boxes are checked for a “Yes,” you have a perfect device for yourself. And if any boxes remain unchecked, be sure your smartphone is not quite right for you. There’s something wrong with your phone’s software or hardware, or the phone isn’t up to the market trends. If that’s the case, it’s time to get a new phone for yourself. And while buying, make sure each box ticks. To know how to do that, keep reading and learn how to buy a new mobile phone.

Top 10 Smartphone Brands of 2023

Speaking of trends, another question that any smartphone buyer should have a clear answer to is, What are the Most Popular Mobile Phone Brands of 2023? To answer that, we recommend visiting the Mobile Phone collection at Star Tech to get a complete idea of pricing and spec details of the latest smartphones. Here is our list of the most popular smartphone brands of 2023 –

  • Samsung
  • Apple
  • Google Pixel
  • Xiaomi
  • Motorola
  • OnePlus
  • Realme
  • Huawei
  • OPPO
  • VIVO

Things To Consider Before Buying a Smartphone

A phone must go with your flow since smartphones define today’s devices. You’re losing productivity if your smartphone is not suited to your functionality. Below we list the things to look for when purchasing a new smartphone in 2023.

#1 Budget

The budget of the smartphone will dominate your decision the most, even if you already have made up the Apple vs. Android decision. Since it is the single most significant point impacting every other aspect of the buy, set your smartphone budget accordingly. Because with more money, you can always get something that will remain trendy and par the technological advancement over the next few years. But money will not necessarily get you the convenient feature. Therefore, take a detailed look at how you want to use your next phone and then set a budget.

#2 Performance

Smartphone Processors

A sound processor is vital to a great smartphone experience. The higher the core count and speed, the higher the processor’s performance yield. Modern smartphones have at least eight cores with a 1.5 GHz clock speed or more. Regular users with limited tasks may get processors with 1.8 to 2 GHz, and demanding users should at least get 2.2 GHz. Besides the central processor, a smartphone has graphics processors or GPUs. See that you have more GPU cores to handle graphics-demanding tasks seamlessly.

Smartphone RAM and Storage

With more Smartphone RAM, you can keep more programs running simultaneously. Typical smartphones today feature at least 4 GB RAM, and higher tiers may have 6 GB or 8GB RAM. There’s also 12 GB RAM available in flagship smartphones. Any modern smartphone will feature at least 32 GB of storage in 2023. But we recommend at least 64 GB for hassle-free operation. High-end smartphones and flagship models have started to house 128 GB and 256 GB storage.

#3 Look and Feel of a Smartphone

Screen Size & Type

Your screen size closely corresponds to the smartphone’s size itself. Screen size is measured in inches. We divide screen sizes into three categories – Small. Medium & Large. Anything below 6.4 inches is small. Up to 6.9″ is considered medium, and 7.0″ and above will fall in the large segment. To enjoy web content and easy navigation, screens above 6.4 inches are best. Large 7-inch screens are also great for more immersive Gaming, video calls, and tasks like drawing or sketching.

Smartphone screens are primarily of two types – LCD and AMOLED. LCD screen smartphones will cost you way less than AMOLED phones. Smartphones with AMOLED screens offer striking contrasts. Samsung makes the best AMOLED display in the world; if you are going for an AMOLED smartphone, go to your nearest Samsung store.

Back Panel

The back panel of any smartphone can be made of materials like plastic, metal, or glass. Plastic finish bodies will feel lightweight, while metal will offer a good grip. Aluminum finish mobile bodies are sturdier and typically better than plastic. Glass backs are also great for smartphones but prone to cracking easily. However, glass backs look fantastic, and you can choose one. Ensure you get a protective cover from the nearest mobile phone accessories store, and you should be okay.

#4 Picture Quality

Smartphones are on the verge of replacing standalone cameras. It is one of the main features that many look for. If you are one of those photo maniacs, you should research the picture quality before purchasing. Additional features like Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and Hybrid Image Stabilization (HIS) are also notable for serious snappers. Your mobile phone’s photos should look fine for your eyes straight out of the camera, without dialing any fancy setting or fps. If that’s not happening, the camera is not good enough.

#5 Battery and Charging Features

Smartphone battery capacity is calculated in mAh (milliampere-hour), and in 2023, there’s hardly any phone with less than 3500 mAh. A battery of 4000 mAh should carry any light to medium usage for the day. You should decide on charging before visiting a mobile phone store. With wired charging, you can get a cool feature called Fast Charging. It’s an intelligent technology that measures the battery capacity and boosts charging speed with a microcontroller. Your phone will charge in minutes using this.

#6 WiFi and eSIM Support

We are in the era of eSIM-supported Mobile Phones in Bangladesh, so getting an eSIM-supported phone is wiser. WiFi 6 is new and offers three times faster data transfers than the previous WiFi 5. This, in turn, adds an excellent yield to your battery. The new networks also generate less heat and put less stress on the processors. Online games like PUBG & Free Fire will benefit from eSIM-supported phones in Bangladesh.

Get Your Smartphone from Official Vendors

Lastly, buy your phone from an official vendor. Go to an official store and look closely at the features before you buy. From official stores, you get a brand warranty at a genuine price. We hope our smartphone buying guide helped you with the idea of buying the right smartphone in 2023.