Bouncing back after pregnancy

Bouncing Back After Pregnancy

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You have had the baby, the moment that you have been planning for so long is here. You are happy, over the moon, but at the same time, exhausted to the bone. So, what should you do to bounce back after pregnancy then?

Bouncing back after pregnancy

Keep in contact with your doctor

After you have had a baby, you will need to keep regular correspondence with your doctor. There are many issues that can occur after childbirth, and not only with your physical health.

Your mental health is just as fragile, on account of the varying hormones. Therefore, even if you can get a gynecologist Video consultation, do so, and be honest with your answers. Your doctor will not judge you if you are struggling with the baby. But identifying the signs of postpartum depression and getting the requisite treatment in time is vital.

Do not give yourself pressure about nursing

To nurse or not to nurse is solely your decision. But it is important to consider the merits and demerits of the situation; breast milk is good for your baby. Nursing helps your body with recovery and aids in weight loss.

However, nursing can also cause problems like blocked milk ducts, infection, pain, backache, etc. So, while it is easier to say one should nurse their baby, it is not always possible. And if you are unable to do so, do not give yourself undue hate, guilt, and shame.

Work on eating well

Your body needs nutrients to recover from the trauma of childbirth. Women who are nursing have the added caloric and nutrient needs. And raising a baby requires a lot of energy.

Therefore, pay attention to your diet. Instead of wasting your mental energies on counting calories to lose weight, you should focus on the quality of calories.

Ask your doctor if you have the need for supplements; babies leach many nutrients from the mother’s body and replenishing them is important.

Normalize seeking help

You have nothing to prove to others. Instead of overexerting yourself just to exude the superhuman strength, normalize seeking help. Allow your partner to contribute, and chip in. It is okay to lean into others for support; that is what loved ones are for.

Try not to chase perfection

Your life will become very hard if you chase perfection, especially after the baby. It is perfectly fine to falter and make mistakes when you are starting the journey of parenthood.

If you start berating yourself over every misstep, you will make yourself unhappy, stressed and worry incessantly. Hence, stop chasing something as futile as perfection. It serves no purpose. Prioritize your happiness, and convenience.

Consider Kegel exercises

Pelvic floor has to not only endure the burden of carrying the baby, but childbirth is also rather hard on the pelvic floor muscles. Some women also run into trouble during birth, which can compound the issues of incontinence –the inability or trouble holding urine or stool in.

So, try doing Kegel exercises to make your pelvic floor stronger. Of course, it will take some time for your muscles to heal, but exercise can greatly improve the prognosis of the condition.

Focus on your wellness

Motherhood is time consuming. It takes a lot of effort getting into the rhythm and routine of having a baby. But during this process, do not forgo your wellness entirely.

Even if you have mommy guilt, ask your partner to help while you have some me-time. It will help in improving your mood and allow you some change to refresh yourself.

Ask your doctor when you can start working out

Exercise has many benefits for your mental and physical health. It helps in improving your physical agility, your mood, and aids in weight loss.

However, you need to first ask your gynecologist in Rawalpindi when it is safe for you to start exercising, especially if you have had a c-section. Rather than jeopardizing your recovery by exercising before your body is ready for it, take is slow and keep your doctor in the loop.