the best backyard playsets for toddlers

Best Backyard Playsets for Toddlers

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In the present day, children like to spend their time playing video games by staying indoor. Is it right for them? Not. It has been ensured in several medical terms; it has been provided that playing outside brings many health benefits for the children. Besides, it keeps them active and improves their health conditions. In this case, backyard playsets are the best way to keep them engaged in outdoor activities.

However, if you need to choose the best item as you are buying these playsets for your lovable child. This is where the real struggle begins.

In this competitive market, there numerous numbers of products. From them, finding the best backyard playsets for toddlers will not be as easy as it seems. Don’t worry. We’re here to help you. So, let’s find one of the perfect playsets for your child. Also, they can enjoy the best bounce game with Bounce House Rentals Columbia SC

Honestly, outdoor playsets come with a large number of benefits for your children. Its unique design not only improves their health conditions but also develops their social skills, confidence and abilities to do a lot of new things. Besides, they can have a great time with their siblings and friend while playing outside. Okay, we have talked much now; it is time to provide you with a review list of the best backyard playsets for toddlers to make your finding task more clear. So, let’s dive in!

Reviews of The Best Backyard Playsets for Toddlers          

We’ve completed the hardest part for you. We performed in-depth research on thousands of products. It wasn’t that easy, but we have managed to find out the top five best backyard playsets for toddlers. These are the following.

1. Kiddey 3pc Kids Play Tent Crawl Tunnel and Ball Pit Set

We’re starting our review list with the Kiddey 3pc Kids Play Tent Crawl Tunnel and Ball Pit Set. Unlike others, it features three-piece of activity set. It comes with a dream tent, a crawl tent and pit for balls. And when you put them together, you are surely going to provide your child with endless fun. This customizable playset will be the best thing for your child if you want to keep them engaged in outside playing. So, if you are looking for something great to gift a boy, a girl, a toddler, and even the babies, you can undoubtedly buy this one.

The specific design of this playset has made it a perfect one for both boys and girls. Moreover, it’s suitable for kids of all ages. Even you can spend some happy time playing with your kid in this playset. The playset features an entirely soft fabric that combines the breathable mesh design. As a result, your kid will have sufficient airflow and softness while playing. Besides, the playset has been designed by maintaining the USA CPSC toy safety guideline. So, you can sit and relax; you won’t have to worry about your child’s safety again.


  • Suitable for kids of all ages
  • Made of soft fabric and breathable mesh
  • Accompanied by easy to flow instructions
  • Easy to set up
  • Great gift for all occasions
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • USA CPSC toy safety guidelines


  • They aren’t durable enough
  • Balls must be purchased separately

Check out an in-depth review at New Baby Toys.

2. Kids Outdoor Playground Includes Trampoline, Swings, and Slide

We have got the Kids Outdoor Playground Includes Trampoline, Swings and Slide in the second position of our review list. This one is a full set of swings, a slide, and a trampoline. This means your child will be able to have full of fun with the complete playset. And you will find your children enjoying a bunch of activities while playing with them. Okay, it’s natural for you to worry about the build quality of this set. We know that children’s safety is the priority. So, let’s discuss the build quality of this playset.

The manufacturer is also aware of this fact. This is why they have used powder-coated tubular steel to make this playset. This means the playset will be sturdy enough to keep your children safe. You won’t have to think of safety anymore. The trampoline is around 42” comprehensive and integrated with a security bar and a fighter bar. The swing and the slide are made of high-quality polypropylene plastic. This plastic material comes with the capability to take more than 100lbs weights of eight years kid. Your child will be able to have the various enjoyable game and perform multiple exercises to strengthen their muscles.


  • Great for people of all ages
  • Suitable for performing various types of attributes
  • Extremely durable build quality
  • High-quality polypropylene plastic
  • Can take up to 100 lbs of weight


  • Parental supervision is required
  • Instructions were not much helpful

3. Step2 Play Up Double Slide Kids Climber

Next, we have got the Step2 Play Up Double Slide Kids Climber. In comparison to others, this particular playset comes with tow slides rather one. This means your child will have more fun while playing with this playset. At the time of playing with his siblings or friends, he can partially start a race to slide to the ground. Even he can use the rotating steering wheel for double the fun during his playtime. So, if you want for the best backyard playsets for toddlers, you can stop right here and try this one out.

As always, you might be thinking about the durability of this product, right? Would it be capable enough to hold the maximum weight of the kids? Well, don’t worry, this particular playset has enough durability to maintain their weight. Its climber can hold up to 180 lbs of weight which is the weight of a total of three children. So, feel free to let your children play with this playset. It’s because of the poly construction that makes it usable for a long time. Besides, the playset also comes with a climbing wall so that the children can climb the stone wall and have the right amount of exercise.


  • Features two slides
  • A climbing wall and ladder
  • Poly construction
  • Can hold up to 180 lbs
  • Rotating steering wheels


  • It needs to be placed on a flat surface
  • The setup is quite hard

4. Little Tikes Activity Garden

Then we have got the Little Tikes Activity Garden. If you are looking for something suitable for the children of six months to three years, then search no more. We’ve got this particular playset for you. It is featured with several different toys, and by playing with them, your child will be able to develop their motor skills. It is incredibly beneficial for the children to make them ready for their pre-school. This double-sided play panel comes with a mirror, a learning clock, a ball shaker, and a moveable clicking bugs. Moreover, the set also includes a telephone which makes music into three different languages.

Setting up the whole playset is quite more comfortable. It quickly transforms into an open and two-sided play center as you can see in the picture. The good thing is that you won’t have to bring any tools or call for an expert for setting the whole thing up. You can complete the entire setup all by yourself. Okay, after the installation, the Toddler Bed has to crawl inside of it through the obstacles. Then they can play with the shape-sorter mailbox, a working piano, and an open-close door. In addition to that, it has looked through the telescope, open-close window shutter, and ball drop flower pot. So, what else would they need to remain engaged in playing?


  • Develops the motor skills of the children
  • Plenty of playable toys and settings
  • Easy to setup
  • Perfect for the children from six months to three years
  • Colorful


  • The set is too small for some children

5. Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse

After that, we have got the Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse. The durability and sturdiness of this particular playset will amaze you. It’s entirely made of durable material and requires minimal maintenance. The design of this playset has made it a bit large and slightly raised from the ground. But don’t worry. It will allow your child to climb up from the field and enjoy the slide to the fullest. As a result, their motor skills will get enhanced, which will be essential for keeping them active.

Another benefit of this playset has made it suitable for both boys and girls. And the kids of every age can enjoy the fun of this playset. So, your kids will be able to have plenty of fun time while playing with his/her friends. The wood-like plastic body of this playset has detailed finishing. Apart from that, the playset comes with a 19” high dimensional platform which features a roof on the top. This means, at the time of playing your child will have a shaded place for playing precisely.


  • Extremely durable and sturdy
  • High-dimensional platform
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Double-wall construction
  • Easy to set up
  • Wood-like finish

Cons :

  • The angle of the slide is not accurate
  • A bit smaller in height

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Backyard Playsets for Toddlers

So, what are the difference in these products and the others available in the market? Honestly, the most beneficial part of the superior products that they contain all the essential features which are required for the necessary support. There will be a lack of these features if you choose something randomly. Let’s have a discussion on those key features to make things more clear now.


As you are buying something for your child, you must have to ensure the maximum amount of sturdiness of the playsets. You can’t just buy something unpleasant and leave your lovely child unsafe. Yes, by bringing cheap and healthy products, you won’t be able to get the required amount of sturdiness. This is why you need to ensure the durable build quality before making the purchase. In this case, if you look close to the above list, you will notice that all of the high products are sturdy enough to withstand extreme usage. The durability in their build quality also enables them to take the maximum amount of weight. So, it will be better if you choose one of the best backyard playsets for toddlers from there.


The main reason for every parent getting worried is their child’s well-being and safety. Playgrounds are intended to be a safer one for them, but incidents can occur, and parental monitoring is needed for this, notably, in the case of the younger and less organized kids. Make sure the playset isn’t too rough and that the kid is not falling away quickly. If it’s a wooden playground, kid, make sure your child does not break or split it up. The more advice is to make sure your child is willing because you don’t want them to remain through any of the gaps and climbing places. So, ensure the safety first before buying the best backyard playsets for toddlers.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Backyard Playsets for Toddlers

Let’s discuss some of the frequently asked questions to make things more clear for you.

What ages is this intended for?

Around 12 months, if they are walking, up to a smallish 5-year-old. They are designed for a toddler learning to navigate the new adventures in the world, such as being 2 feet off the floor!

Can these be kept outside?

They can be played outside, but it entirely depends on you and based on the rain or winds.


Every parent wants to provide their child with some extreme fun moments. If you bring one of the best backyard playsets for toddlers, you can also do that. So, choose one that accurately suits your needs.