All You Need To Know About Arm Lift Surgery

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An Arm Lift Surgery is a procedure where the extra fats and tissues from around the triceps are removed.

If you are to hold your arm in a position that is perpendicular to your torso and feel the area of your arm where the triceps are supposed to be, you may feel the presence of extra fat and tissues there. Cirugías de Levantamiento de Brazos are done to remove that portion of your body.

Types of Arm Lift Surgeries include but are not limited to:-


Liposuction is the process of the removal of fat. It can be in any part of the body, including the breasts. In this procedure, small cuts are made to insert tubes into your body that will suck out the fat and other unnecessary fluids from the body. The recovery period of Liposuction is very low as compared to the other surgeries as well like cellulaze in Manhattan. Arm Lift through Liposuction helps in the proper shaping of the arm. This procedure is best suited for people with less fat and skin in the underarm area.

Limited/Hidden Arm Lift (Limited Brachioplasty)

This procedure is also called Miami Arm Lift, as it is most common in that city. The people of Los Angeles are known to be obsessed with their looks and attaining perfection. Limited Brachioplasty deals with removing small amounts of tissues and fats. Hence, this procedure is best suited for the beautiful people of Los Angeles who prefer not to have an ounce of fat out of place. And thus the name. This process usually follows after a Liposuction procedure and involves a diamond-shaped incision made in the armpit, leaving minimal scarring which can be easily hidden.

Extended Arm Lift (Extended Brachioplasty)

This procedure is for the removal of a considerable amount of fat and tissues from the upper arms region. People with excessive redundant upper arm fat go through this surgery as this amount of unnecessary weight on their upper arms can be a hindrance to their lifestyle. This operation is great for giving the patient’s arm the perfect shape, as it has a lot of room to be operated on. The fats and tissues can be properly removed without any compromise and the upper arm can be restructured easily after the reduction. But because of the extended incisions, this arm lift operation involves a lot of scarring as well.

L-Brachioplasty (L-Arm Lift)

In this type of Brachioplasty, the cuts are made on the underside along the length of the upper arm and also at the side of the torso beside the arm. This gives the openings and the scars an L-shape. Not only does this type of surgery help shape/reshape the underside of the upper arm but also the axilla, the side breast, and the upper lateral chest. This technique to achieve aesthetic restructuring is innovative, effective, and reliable. The recovery period may be longer than most, but it comes with full satisfaction.

These cosmetic surgeries are done to achieve aesthetic goals and perhaps to remove any patient’s particular insecurity. But it’s is better to not opt for surgical solutions to your problems straight away. There is a technique called CoolSculpting which is a non-invasive procedure of freezing the fat to the point that it gets destroyed. And since it doesn’t involve the patient getting operated on, they don’t have to go through anesthesia or needles or cuts and scars.

So if the amount of fat that the patient wants to be removed isn’t a dramatic amount, CoolSculpting is definitely something to consider. After all, surgeries usually tend to be quite expensive and dramatic in terms of preparation and after-care, etc.