Diamond Bracelets

All about Diamond Bracelets

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Jewelry is a crucial part of dressing that holds the ability to uplift or destroy the appearance. The addition of light and decent jewelry makes the look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Necklace rings and other jewelry pieces significantly enhance the dressing, but the shine of the diamond bracelet at the wrist adds classic yet beauty to the look.

The tennis bracelet is an iconic fashion piece that can accessorize any casual or formal look. Whether you are planning for a party or a business meeting, the diamond bracelet on the wrist will never fail to gain attraction. As the diamond signifies love and passion, it appears as the perfect gift for an anniversary to present the token of your love.

What are Tennis Bracelets?

Diamond bracelets are usually known as tennis bracelets. The name ‘tennis bracelet’ originated from the 1987 US match. A famous tennis player, Chris Evert’s expensive diamond bracelet, fell off during the match. The match was paused to find her bracelet. All of this was telecasted live on national television. Since that day, this piece of jewelry is also called by that name.

Tennis bracelets are elegant and dainty pieces of jewelry made up of the systematic pattern of gemstone or diamonds. These diamonds are secured with a clasp. Basically, a precious or luxurious metal joins the diamond together in a row to manufacture a single, double or triple row bracelet.

However, they are usually expensive because they feature many diamonds around the bracelet. Sometimes, to compress down the price, diamonds are assembled with other precious stones such as rubies and sapphires to erect a bracelet.

What should one look for while Buying a Diamond Bracelet?

While buying a diamond bracelet, here are some essential factors that you need to pay close attention to depending on your budget and use.

1. The type of metal

Metals are used to hold the diamonds in place and make a bracelet. The most popular metals commonly used in tennis bracelets are white, yellow and rose gold, sterling silver, and platinum.

All metals are well suitable with diamonds, but it depends on the look you want or how you will use it. If you want to wear it daily, you must ensure that the metal is rust-free and durable. White gold, rose gold, and yellow gold are good options for daily wearing, but platinum and sterling silver can also be good options.

Conversely, if you want something more durable as well as affordable, then yellow gold and rose gold are viable options. They cost you significantly less even after using natural diamonds and give an aesthetically pleasing look.

White gold is a viable option if you want the same look as platinum and sterling silver while keeping the price down. It is quite durable and suitable for daily use as well.

2. The Diamonds

The diamond itself has many properties to consider while choosing diamond bracelets for women.

  • Diamonds Color Grade

Classic diamonds are colorless but fairly expensive. You can get the same diamond with low color grade quality. The complete colorless high-end diamonds are D. Choosing an E or F is an excellent option as they are barely distinguishable. You can also go for H and still get the stone that shines and sparkles

  • Diamonds Clarity Grade

If you are paying a lot, the clarity should be top-notch. As each diamond in the bracelet is small, so it is difficult to evaluate if there is any issue with clarity. However, an S1 or S21 clarity grade is the right option. The higher the clarity, the better the diamond inside. You need to ask the seller for clarity because you cannot judge yourself by looking into the light.

  • Diamonds Weight

The carat weight has a massive influence on how much is a diamond bracelet. The bigger diamonds cost significantly higher. Remember that high carat weight means fewer diamonds. The bigger carat weighs the diamonds, so you will get fewer diamonds to roll around the wrist. Los carat weight will give you more diamonds.

  • Certification

Mostly, the diamonds in tennis bracelets are not certified. They are selected by the seller, so you receive an appraisal that is not an authentic document. Therefore, select the bracelet from a well-reputed company to avoid a scam.

3. Style of Bracelet

The style of diamond bracelets varies too because there are many options in diamond cuts and styles of embedding. There are three main types of bracelet settings, including

  • Channel setting: as the name reflects, in this setting, the two rows of metal will go on either side of the bracelet like a channel. The diamond fits right between them.
  • Bezel setting: it looks more or less like a watch head. Each diamond will have a metal setting, just like what we see in the watch.
  • Prong setting: The metal holds the stone stuck out from all four sides in this setting. It is a great setting to show off the brilliance of the stone. It is one common type that comes in two, three, or four-prong options.

4. The Clasps

The clasp of a bracelet is a primary factor to consider. Here are three main types of the clasp, including

  • Box Clasp: this clasp is commonly seen in tennis bracelets. In this style, you insert a little tab into a box-shaped frame with a small-sized hinged clasp to cover the opening.
  • Lobster clasp: to open the claw, you need to push down the lever. Releasing the lever closes the claw, keeping the things in place.
  • Spring Ring clasps: it features a circle that works with spring. You just need to pull back the lever; the opening appears for the other side to fit through.

What type of Diamond Bracelet is most Expensive?

The factors mentioned above, like quality, the carat weight of the diamond, and metals, determine the price. However, platinum tennis bracelets are more expensive as compared to other options like gold. For instance, a platinum tennis bracelet with an 8-carat diamond can cost $ 9600. On the other hand, a similar bracelet with gold will cost around $8800. Choosing the metal will help you fit the desired style in your budget.