adult circumcision surgery

Religions and Communities Advocating Adult Circumcision Surgery

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As a member of the religion or cultural community, you have to follow certain essential activities of the religious customs. Also, there are some rights that men especially have to follow if they want to be a part of the religion or culture. One of the most important rituals is being circumcised. To achieve this goal, the men have to undergo adult circumcision surgery.

Other Reasons to have Adult Circumcision Surgery

Although initially, the reason for having the surgery was purely religious. But as medical science progressed, the health benefits of the surgery were known. Also, many men wanted to have an attractive appearance, and some underwent the surgical procedure for personal reasons.

Surgery Due to Medical Reasons

The men who were not circumcised had several medical issues, as they developed sexually transmitted diseases and illnesses. After thorough research, it was concluded that men could not keep the penis clean. So, after knowing these issues started to consider circumcision surgery.

Improve the Esthetic Appearance

Some people undergo this surgical procedure because they want to be appreciated by their peers, and also, most of the women prefer to have male partners who are circumcised. So, they have surgery to improve their esthetic appearance.

To Achieve Personal Goal

On certain occasions, a family doesn’t belong to a community or religion where circumcision is mandatory, but the men in their family are being circumcised for generations. So, they prefer to have their children undergo circumcision surgery.

What are the Views of Human Rights Associations?

Every man who wants to be accepted in a religious or cultural community must be circumcised. But many human rights associations have opposed the practice of this surgery. These organizations have given the following reasons for their opposition.

Torment to the Patient

When infants and children undergo the surgical procedure, they are given any anesthesia or sedative to relieve them of the pain. This is the main why children cry so much when they are circumcised. But adult males can be given anesthesia and painkillers to relieve the agony.

It is a Personal Decision

Young children and babies are not asked to undergo surgery. According to the human rights groups, this violates their freedom of will as they can’t oppose the surgery. These organizations don’t even consider that the surgery at various clinics like Circumcision Center has different medical and health benefits.

Communities and Religions Supporting Circumcision Surgery for Adults

When you look at different religious and cultural communities, you will know that circumcision is a common practice. This routine was not only practiced in various religions, but also it was a tradition in several regions of ancient Egypt.

The Jewish Community

Judaism is the oldest religion, and the people of this religion have been practicing circumcision for the longest. Still, today men are circumcised like their forefathers since the time of Prophet Abraham. The babies are circumcised on the eighth day of their birth.

Concept According to Christianity

There is no mention of circumcision in the Bible, but many Christians prefer to be circumcised because Jesus Christ had his foreskin removed. Jesus Christ was circumcised because He belonged to the Jewish community.

Believes of Followers of Islam

Like in the Bible, there is no mention of circumcision; the Quran, the holy book of Muslims, has no reference to the practice. But it is evident in many of the savings of their Prophet Muhammad that indicate the importance of circumcision.

What African Tribes Believe?

It has not been known how the practice of circumcision reached the African tribes, but many boys are circumcised as it indicates they have stepped in manhood.

Point of View of Ancient Egyptians

Several of the ancient manuscripts found in various excavation sites in Egypt had suggested that the men in this region underwent this practice when they were boys. Some historians have concluded that circumcision to other regions of Africa through travelers from Egypt.

You can see that adult circumcision surgery started as a part of Jewish and Muslim religion, but gradually, most people are adopting it mainly because of its medical benefits.

Below are questions that will increase your knowledge of circumcision and religion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What religion do you have to be circumcised?

The men belonging to the Muslim Jewish religion have to be circumcised. Although Christianity is also considered an Abrahamic religion, many of the followers are not in favor of the practice; others have their children and men circumcised.

Do Christians circumcise?

Circumcision has not been mentioned in the Bible, so followers of Christianity don’t favor having being circumcised. But others who have understood the benefits advocate having adult circumcision surgery.

What does the Catholic Church say about circumcision?

As there is no mention of circumcision in the Bible, the Catholic Church doesn’t favor this practice. The church officials view that it is a violation of body integrity; unless the person has any medical issues, the procedure should be avoided.