Maths Tests

A Guide to Preparing Your Child for Maths Tests with Effective Practice Resources

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As a parent, you want the best for your child and ensure they have everything they need to succeed. But when it comes to maths tests, helping them prepare can be daunting. Maths exams require practice to master the concepts, but where do you start?

To boost your child’s confidence, repetitive practice is key. Luckily, there are effective resources available to prepare your child for maths exams. Let’s explore the best practice resources to help your child excel.

Fun and Engaging Online Practice Tools

With the increasing use of technology in education, online practice tools have become a popular choice for children’s maths practice. Websites like Khan Academy, Sumdog, and Mathletics offer a wide variety of online maths quizzes, games, and practice sheets.

These tools make learning fun and engaging and motivate children in maths practice. While online practice tools are an excellent and exciting way to practise for school maths exams, it’s essential to keep a balance and not rely solely on them for practice.

Maths Tutoring Apps

Maths tutoring apps offer personalised learning for your child, allowing them to practice maths problems at their own pace. These apps provide guided explanations, step-by-step solutions, and interactive quizzes.

Apps like Prodigy Math and DoodleMaths help children as young as 6 years old prepare for exams with customised lesson plans and round-the-clock support. With regular use, these apps help children master maths concepts and increase their confidence in tackling complex problems.

Printable Worksheets

Classic but effective, printable worksheets are still a reliable maths practice resource. You can find free printable worksheets covering everything from basic maths to advanced maths topics on websites such as Mashupmath.

Worksheets break down complex problems into simpler, manageable parts, allowing children to practice each section before putting it all together.

Educational Maths Board Games

Board games provide an interactive way for your child to practice maths skills. Board games like Monopoly, The Game of Life, and Yahtzee, make maths problems easier to understand and more practical by incorporating them into the games.

Your child can have fun while learning valuable life skills without even noticing.

Maths Activity Books

Maths activity books are an excellent way to provide practice resources that encourage children to learn in a creative and interactive way. These activity books include puzzles, games, mazes, and other activities that help children practice maths skills while they’re having fun.

Books such as Math for Minecrafters, The Maths Behind, and Sir Cumference teach maths concepts from geometry and algebra to fractions and decimals. Children are more likely to enjoy maths when they perceive it as a fun activity rather than just an academic subject.

Interactive Workbooks

Interactive workbooks like Spectrum Math provides step-by-step instructions for solving maths problems and give children plenty of practice opportunities to build their skills.

With a variety of grade-level appropriate interactive workbooks, your child can work through them at their own pace, making sure they understand each step before progressing to the next one.

In Summary

Preparing for school maths exams can be daunting, but using effective practice resources can help your child build their confidence and excel. Whether you choose online practice tools, printable worksheets, educational maths board games, private maths tutoring, or interactive workbooks, there are plenty of great resources available to help you.