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9 Must-Watch Pool and Spa Trends in 2023

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Work-life balance is important for your overall health, and if you want to treat yourself after working nonstop, why not have a spa day? If you are ready to take that much-needed relaxation, you should treat yourself today. From the most bespoke spas to quiet and relaxing pool experiences, here are the best pool and spa trends in 2023!

1. Group Steaming and Soaking

Having alone time is a great way to spend your weekend, but it’s more fun if you have your friends with you. The newest spa trend today is group steaming and soaking, and you can guarantee the best experience with friends! Many wellness centers offer group programs you can easily book, so try group steaming and soaking with your friends now! If you’re looking for the latest pool heat pumps in Perth, get in touch with Pool Spa Heaters Perth today.

2. Pro-aging Treatments

Over the years, the anti-aging market has grown, and consumers are obsessed with anti-aging products and practices. But the rise of pro-aging is noticed all over social media, and this has become the newest obsession of people.

Pro-aging is different since people have accepted that aging is part of life. But you can age gracefully by taking care of your mind and body. Wellness centers have since offered pro-aging treatments and packages; you can try them out!

3. Menopause-focused Treatments

Menopause is a natural thing that the female body goes through. It is a natural aging process that has been ignored for ages. Today, many women are more body positive and embracing the changes in their bodies. So, wellness centers are now offering menopause-focused treatments.

Since the body is undergoing uncomfortable changes, these treatments will help alleviate pain, inflammation, and discomfort. You may opt for a full-day treatment, including classes and other materials, to ensure your menopausal journey is stress-free.

4. Swim-up Bars

Who doesn’t love a good drink while relaxing in a pool? Swim-up bars have become popular over the years because of their uniqueness. Before, you could not eat or drink inside the pool, especially in public pools. Now, hotels and spas have swim-up bars where you can enjoy delicious drinks while lounging in the pool.

If you want a swim-up bar at home, you can easily recreate this by researching the best pool & spa equipment. You’ll see what swim-up bar size and equipment is perfect for your home’s pool area. Now, you can enjoy drinks while swimming or lounging inside the pool. Enjoy this with family and friends!

5. Sleep Spa

Most people don’t get enough sleep, which negatively affects the body. Some have difficulty falling asleep due to stress, fatigue, and more. Sleep spa is a popular getaway for the sleep-deprived, and if you need to feel well-rested and have enough sleep, then this treatment is for you!

Chronotherapy is the study of sleep waves and rhythms, which will help understand an individual’s need to improve sleep patterns. Wellness centers offer this treatment, so trying it out will greatly improve your sleep.

6. Tailored Spa Programs

Every individual has different needs to recover from a tiring week. Tailored spa programs are the newest trend today because you can customize what you can do within your budget. You’ll be assessed and checked before getting any treatments, and you’ll be given a tailored spa day to address your mental and physical issues.

Since everyone is going through different problems, tailoring your spa day to ensure your satisfaction is a must. Now, you will feel more relaxed once your spa day is over. You may also do a group treatment plan with family and friends who share the same issues.

7. Greenery for the Ultimate Relaxation

Living in a fast-paced world is exhausting, and cities have little greenery. Studies have confirmed that being in nature will relax you, and you’ll be in great mental and physical shape in no time.

If you have a pool area at home, you may turn the surrounding area into a garden. Gardening is also therapeutic, so beautifying your garden will alleviate stress. Now, you can retreat to your pool area when you are overwhelmed and be relaxed in minutes!

8. Water Sound Relaxation

They say being in the water will help calm your body and relax. Most people find swimming and relaxing in a warm bath therapeutic, but most wellness centers elevate this experience. Water sound healing and relaxation uses different frequencies, noises, and vibrations while you are in an indoor pool. Warm water is used to help muscles relax, and the sounds and vibrations will stimulate your mind.

You can recreate water healing sessions at home. Generally, you can have a spa-like treatment without leaving your house if you have a hot tub and speakers. Though vibrations are hard to recreate, using sound waves and meditation is enough.

9. Get a Hot Tub at Home

Relaxing should be fun; getting a hot tub is one way to relax your body. Placing the tub in your garden will help you be one with nature while enjoying a relaxing warm bath. You may invest in a swim spa if you have a bigger budget.

Getting a swimming spa is like getting a swimming pool, and a hot tub merged into one product. You can have all the swim spa benefits in your backyard and have a relaxing day to look forward to without spending too much.

For smaller spaces, a two-person hot tub is the best choice! You can buy budget-friendly tubs that can perfectly sit in a small backyard. This way, you can still have a spa day at home, even with limited space.

Have an Amazing R&R Today!

Whether you’re having a spa treatment in a wellness center or have prepared an amazing DIY rest day at home, taking care of your body is a must! Investing in spa equipment and upgrading your pool’s functionality is a great way to access a wellness day ahead easily. So, don’t hesitate to get your much-needed relaxation; you’ve earned it!