8 Facts About Solar Panels That'll Shock You

8 Facts About Solar Panels That’ll Shock You

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They look futuristic. They provide green energy. And they harness the power of the sun.

But what do you actually know about solar panel technology? Turns out, there are lots of interesting facts about solar panels — and they’re not the ones that you already know.

Here are eight of our favorite facts about solar energy and the panels that bring it into homes across the country.

1. Solar Panel Technology Traces Back to 1839

You might think solar panels are a pretty new invention. But in 1839, Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered that an electric current could be created from the sun’s rays — the so-called photovoltaic effect.

It took just over 100 years after that for solar panel cells to be invented. And, in 1954, the first-ever commercial solar panel came off of the production lines.

2. You Can Seriously Shrink Your Carbon Footprint With a Solar Panel

Let’s say your house starts running on solar. In three decades, you can reduce your carbon dioxide emissions by a whopping 100 tons.

3. The Sun Creates a Lot of Energy

There’s a reason why Blue Raven Solar and other companies have honed in on the sun as a source of green energy. It produces a lot of power, just by shining. An hour of sunlight creates enough energy that it could power the entire planet for a year.

Of course, that would require us to harness every last bit of solar energy. We’re not yet — but solar panels can help.

4. One State Loves Solar Energy More Than the Others

Can you guess which state has the most solar panels? If you guessed the Golden State, you’re right. California is the country’s biggest producer of solar energy.

5. The Price of Solar Has Fallen by 99%

In 1977, you’d have to fork over $77 per watt in a much simpler solar cell. Nowadays, you can get the same singular solar cell and pay $0.21 per watt.

If you’re still finding it difficult to finance solar panels despite their falling costs, you can look at alternative renewable energy options. Check out different Pulse Power plans to compare rates and choose a plan that suits your budget and energy requirements.FVFV

6. Solar Panels Can Power Airplanes

You know that a panel can light up your home. But solar energy can send planes flying through the skies, too.

7. China’s the World Leader in Solar

You might think you’re seeing more and more solar panels pop up in the US, and you’re not mistaken. But our supplies can’t hold a candle to China’s.

In 2017 alone, China installed enough solar panels to power 8.2 million homes across America. That’s just their installations that year, too — over time, they have added more and more to their energy sector.

8. Solar’s the Fastest Energy Source

You can get solar energy even on a cloudy day. That’s part of the reason why it works more quickly than any other type of power.

Plus, it’s easy to get a solar panel setup running. That’s why solar is often the power source of choice in natural disasters when the power grid goes down. It only takes a few days to install a system to harness the power of the sun.

Let’s Learn Facts About Solar Panels

These are only eight of the many facts about solar panels. Learning more may inspire you to go green and install some onto your home, too.

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