6 Simple Cake Ideas for Birthday Cake Decorating

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Getting ideas together is one of the nicest aspects of creating a birthday cake. Thanks to the internet, getting ideas is a simple matter of a few clicks. Even though looking for birthday cake inspiration may be a lot of fun, there are times when it can also feel a little overwhelming, particularly if you wait until the last minute. Here are a few suggestions and ideas to help spark your imagination.

1. Electric Guitar Cake 

This one is fantastic for the music enthusiast in your family and was surprisingly easy to prepare. The guitar body and neck were cut out using a stencil we constructed from poster board. The two pieces were placed together, and a thin layer of icing was applied. Then, we embellished it with icing in various colours and

BAMM, we were instant guitar kings.

2. Birthday Cake with Butterflies

Making and decorating this nangs is quite simple. Starting with a 9-inch circular cake, trim the dome off. After that, cut the cake into a peace sign. To create a cool-looking butterfly form that is simple to decorate whatever you choose, flip the four cake slices over so that all four corners are facing the centre.

3. A cake with an engine

Who among little boys is not a fan of firefighters? Why not bake a fire truck cake, then? Take three 8×4 cakes and chop off the domes to create cakes with a level surface on both sides. Then stack two cakes on top of one another while adhering them with frosting. Slice the third cake in half, then stack the halves on top of one another and stand them on end. Next, please put it on the end of the cake in front of the other cake. The cab of your fire engine will be made as a result. After that, add embellishments with a decorating bag and red icing.

4. The Princess Cake

You will need three 8-inch round cakes, one cake baked in a four- to six-inch deep dish, and one Barbie doll to make this cake. Remove the dome from the eight-inch round cakes to make them flat on both sides, and then carve a two-inch hole in the centre of each cake. The pink frosting between each layer of the three 8-inch circular cakes is stacked on top of one another. Then turn the baked cake in a bowl upside down and set it on top. Insert the Barbie doll into the middle hole and start decorating. The dress for your princess is made from cake.

5. Dinosaur Cake

Two nine-inch cakes are required to produce this amusing birthday cake idea. On the first cake, remove around 14 of the cake, leaving behind a shape slightly larger than a half-circle. Then, cut a U-shaped form in the centre of the half-circle shape, working your way up toward the top rounded side. Up and over about two inches… This will be the dinosaur’s body. After that, using a stencil, cut the head and tail shapes from the second cake and adhere them to the body shape of the other cake. The head shape goes on one end, and the other, the tail shape. Add embellishments and a simple frosting coating.

 6 . Castle Cake

Okay, so you will need four 8-inch square cakes for this elaborate castle cake. Remember to take the dome off each cake’s top, so they are flat on both sides. The next step is to build three cakes on top of one another, sandwiching pink frosting between each layer to keep the stack together. The fourth cake is then divided into four pieces, two of which are placed in the middle of the three already stacked cakes. The cake can now start to be frosted with an icing crumb coat. Invert four ice cream cones and set one on each cake corner. Our castle’s towers will be there. Spread frosting over the cake and add accents, such as doors and windows, with variously coloured icing.


Birthday cake decorating is the most enjoyable thing ever. The only occasion we get to celebrate with someone special throughout the year is on our birthdays. You can let your imagination go wild as there are so many different methods to adorn birthday cakes. My wife and I decided to bake an electric guitar-shaped cake for my daughter’s sixteenth birthday last year. She and all of her friends like it a lot. These concepts provide you with some decorating inspiration for a birthday cake.