6 eCommerce SEO Tips To Boost Store Traffic In 2021

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A lot has changed about how SEO works these days. If you are trying to get traffic to your eCommerce store, it can be tough to have no idea how your works are these days. According to these eCommerce SEO companies, many things have changed in recent times, but you might be left behind if you haven’t kept up. Know about what’s new in Brainvire’s ecommerce SEO services

Fortunately, a few strategies are pretty simple and can also help you improve your eCommerce. This will be great because you will be ready to get the hot traffic required to keep the revenue flowing.

Here are six ecommerce tips that will help boost store traffic which will have a huge impact on you.

  1. Make your site mobile friendly

According to the eCommerce SEO companies and experts, if a site you built is not mobile-friendly, that might not be a good thing for you. The chances are getting buried in the search results, which could damage your plans. The reason behind this is that Google has recently rolled out its first mobile-first indexing algorithm, which means that mobile-friendly sites will get the top rankings, whereas those that aren’t will get pushed down and potentially buried.

There is a solution to this, and all you have to do is make your site mobile-friendly. If you’re planning to convert your site to be more mobile-friendly, then it is not exactly difficult in most cases. If you are planning to do the conversion yourself, then do make sure that you use a mobile-friendly test to see whether the site displays correctly across all platforms or not.

  1. Targeting unique keywords

To make any SEO Plan successful, you must be good at researching keywords. But according to these eCommerce SEO companies, the ones that are already working are already dominating Google. You can think about this problem and try to overcome it by thinking about your store’s strong points and what makes it unique and different from others. You can also find out the keywords that people use to find what you are selling.

  1. Remove any duplicate content

There are tonnes of products that may look similar and can also have similar pages on Google. But if those pages are extremely similar, Google will try to penalize you. And according to the eCommerce SEO companies, you should take your time and do your homework carefully to ensure each of the products has a unique description and a unique title that will not trigger any Google’s duplicate content penalty. But more than that, make sure that you do not end up copying blatantly from any other site because it will do you no good yourstorybuzz

  1. Optimise your images

Although it is pretty hard to believe images play a pretty important role in your SEO. The most important thing to remember here is that you should add a description for each of your Image preferably by using the main keywords of that page. Doing this will help Google identify your page and also rank your page for those particular keywords.

You should also try and avoid using stock photos as much as possible. This used to be a general tactic, but Google is starting to turn against it as these images can be found on multiple platforms across the Internet. The best thing to use is an original image, Or you could also use relatively obscure stock photos. Here are a few things to remember about what you should be doing for your images.

  • Create a description it should be unique but keep them short
  • Do not use descriptions for images like buttons
  • Do not go for keyword stuffing
  • Try to make your description as accurate as possible
  1. Redirect discontinued items

It is not a good idea to have a dead end on your site as it can be harmful to both your business and SEO. If certain items are out of stock or the product has been discontinued, you can redirect the audience to a similar item. This will also help improve your internal linking structure and help you get sales that you might have missed out on.

  1. Regular SEO Audits

SEO Is continuously changing because Google and other search engines constantly change the algorithms. This means that you require a long-term strategy that would be constantly updated to remain effective throughout. Although it sounds pretty difficult, apps and software can do this SEO audit for you.

In case you are confused or do not want to do the audits all by yourself, you can always hire companies that will do it for you. It is recommended that you do research before hiring them to see how they have done for their other clients.

Either way, it is best to get started with it as soon as possible to have your traffic ready that you need to grow your business with Khelegaindia