5 Expert Cleaning Tips You Need To Be Using

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The day has finally come when we have to put on our cleaning gloves and start scrubbing. People dread going through the mess they’ve made over the past weeks. But maintaining our homes and keeping them clean is a necessity. No one likes living in filth, so cleaning is something we all have to do like Electrodry mould removal.

But what can we do to make cleaning more effective? Through these five expert cleaning tips, you too can find a more efficient way of maintaining your home in peak condition.

The Top To Bottom Method

Cleaning is obviously a broad term that encompasses a lot of areas. You could be cleaning the bathroom, the living room, the windows, etc. But the one thing in common is that they’re all surface areas. It might be a carpet, a window, counter, or floor tiles. Because of that, we can use expert methods to clean these areas more effectively.

One method is the top to the bottom method. The method essentially tells you about the pattern of cleaning. Instead of swiping like Daniel from Karate Kid, take Mr. Miyagi’s advice and use a structured way of swiping. The top to bottom method looks exactly as it sounds. You take a wipe or a cleaning cloth and start going top to bottom.

Let’s say you’re cleaning the kitchen. Do you start with the counter? No, you start with the cupboards. The reason we do this is that the crumbs or dust will fall on the counter, and then fall on the floor. By cleaning the counter first and then the cupboards, it takes twice as much time and effort to clean both.

Don’t Rush It

TV cleaning ads promise products to work the moment you apply them. But the simple truth is that products need time to take effect. So once you spray a product on a surface, you instantly wipe it. Sadly, TV commercials are done in a way that they falsely advertise the effects of these products. They will edit the footage so that it appears that the cleaning product is effective after 3 seconds of dwell time. Dwell time is the time it takes for the product to take effect before you wipe the surface.

Most products have a well time of five to ten minutes. So you can’t expect the same results when you leave a product on the surface for ten minutes and ten seconds. This is a reality that many choose not to believe in. People want effective cleaning and fast cleaning. They don’t want to wait for minutes for the product to be effective.

Some products come with a shorter dwell time than others. TSP, for example, is a type of bleach that is an extremely strong and effective cleaner. However, you should always research the product before buying it. As such, check out this guide on cleaning with TSP.

Research the Product

The previous statement takes us nicely to the next cleaning tip – research before buying. There are hundreds if not thousands of cleaning products available throughout the US. They range from gentle to very strong chemicals. Naturally, some of these products aren’t suited for your home. Many string chemicals can cause harmful effects to plants and humans. This is especially important if you have kids.

Some cleaning products force us to vacate the home for a short time so we don’t inhale the chemicals. So for this next expert tip, we suggest you do your research and start with the most gentle products available on the market. Strong chemicals get the job done, but there’s a reason why we call them that.

Ultimately, make a choice based on the situation you find yourself in. If you have small kids or a baby in the house, avoid using strong chemicals.

Give It A Good Look

You’ve already put your mind to it, so there’s no point not to clean effectively. When we clean the entire house, it’s important not to miss out on stains in places that we never thought about looking before. Maybe you have a microwave on the counter. Did you know that microwaves can leave stains over time? It would be counterproductive to clean the counter and not remove the microwave to clean underneath it.

But the best way to avoid missing out on stains is to crouch down and see with your own eyes. Do you see stains? If so, give it another wipe. Just by looking at the surface, we can see if we’ve missed out on stains. You’ve already gotten your head into it, so invest a few more minutes to make sure everything looks nice, clean, and stain-free.

Be Smart

And the last tip is also related to being efficient and fast. When cleaning your home, the last thing you want is to go back and forth to get the products necessary for the job. Instead, why not be smart about it and load all products into a bucket? This will help you save time and effort. The benefits are overwhelmingly positive.

If you want to take it to the next level, get a bigger bucket or a caddy on wheels with you. At the end of the day, cleaning is all about being fast and efficient.