Best Savory African Recipes

5 Best Savory African Recipes You Can Cook at Home

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There’s no easier way to take a tour of the world than at your table. That’s without mentioning the fact that cooking is much less expensive than eating out, or that it saves you the price of a plane ticket!

Of course, finding delicious savory recipes that won’t include convoluted instructions or complex ingredients can be hard. Fortunately, if your preference is the variety and bold flavors of African recipes, we’ve got you covered. The five savory recipes below are easy to cook in your own kitchen, and you’ll be thrilled at the mouth-watering results.

  1. Brik

While many of us are more familiar with sweet doughnuts and sugary pastries, there’s a wide range of African pastries that pair better with the savory fare. Brik is one of these.

A popular Tunisian dish, brik uses malsouqa dough for its flaky layers to create a crunchy, crispy texture, along with a range of savory options for filling. In some places where phyllo pastry is easier to find, this option can be an easier alternative. Check out the recipe here!

  1. Gomen

If you weren’t aware that African cuisine offers a spectrum of delicious plant-based meals, check out this homepage to see what you’re missing! Though there are many traditional options to draw from, one hearty and delicious vegan dish is gomen, or Ethiopian-style collard greens.

Stewed with greens, spices, and optional vegan butter, this dish is popular on Meskel, a religious feast day and holiday. Find the recipe here.

  1. Mtuzi wa Samaki

If you love the spice palette of Indian cuisine, you’ll find that many traditional Tanzanian dishes offer the same robust flavor. Mtuzi wa Samaki is a fish and coconut curry that—though it was created in Zanzibar—is regular fare across Africa’s eastern coast.

Like many curries, the dish requires a hefty supply of coconut milk as well as a sprinkling of curry powder, bell peppers, and garam masala.

  1. Sadza

This dish is a popular staple throughout Africa—which is why you might find it called many other names, like nshima, pap, ugali, posho, or phaleche. The recipe creates a thick porridge made of white cornmeal. The resulting product is rounded and served with popular dishes consisting of soup, meat, or stew.

  1. Poulet à la Moambé

This dish has risen to fame as the national dish of Congo for good reason. The foundation of the recipe is a hearty chicken stew made of chicken, spices, and moambé—another word for palm butter. You’ll also find traditional African flavors like peanut and nutmeg.

Most people pair this delicious dish with white rice or cooked cassava leaves.

Try Your Hand at African Recipes Today

With a range of options from different countries and a wide spectrum of flavor palettes to try, there’s no time to lose. Get your hands on the recommended ingredients and try these African recipes at home today. You’ll be glad you did!

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