3D Floor Plan

3D Floor Plan: Here are 7 Ways it can Increase Sales for your Real Estate Business

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A 3D Floor Plan is a computer-generated horizontal section of a building that allows you to take a better look at how a property is organized. It helps you to understand scale, color, texture, and a lot more stuff about a property. 

The popularity of 3D Floor Plans is constantly growing, and a lot of Real Estate agents use it to explain their property better to their potential buyers and the leads they generate. Having a 3D Floor Plan is a must for people who get most of their business through online websites or social media. In this article, we will look at how a 3D Floor Plan can increase the sales of your Real Estate business. Let’s take a look. 

1. 3D floor plan makes the listing stand out

Many Real Estate agents make the mistake of listing a property without a floor plan, which often leaves the buyer confused about its dimensions and room layout. Hence, when you’ve added a 3D floor plan to your listing, it will give the buyers a complete perspective of your house, which will make it easy for them to make a buying decision.  

2. Reduce lead times by 50%

Back in the day, Real Estate agents spent a lot of time giving walkthroughs to their potential buyers. However, that has changed with the introduction of 3D floor plans because buyers now expect everything online, and giving them a floor plan makes it easier for them to determine the property. 

This helps to save a lot of time for Real Estate agents and allows them to focus on other important work that’s a part of their sale process. Furthermore, if the buyer is interested after checking out the floor plan, he can visit the location, which will allow you to focus on the clients worthy of your time. 

3. Avoid the need for interpretation & provide a realistic visual representation

2D Floor Plans usually need interpretation because it’s challenging to understand them at first look. That isn’t the case with 3D Floor Plans because they provide you with a realistic visual representation of what your rooms will look like when they are ready, and it becomes easier to understand them. 

This instantly makes your listing stand out, and since it gives more value to the viewers, the listing conversion rate for Real Estate agents goes up significantly, resulting in more profits for the business. 

4. Customized 3D floor plans make stronger pitches

When you want to renovate or decorate your houses in real life, it takes months to do that. That isn’t the case with 3D floor plans because you can customize them in seconds, allowing you to change them according to your client’s needs and make a better impression. From including the client’s name in a virtual tour video to customizing the colors according to their needs, there are multiple things that you can do to make a stronger pitch using a 3D Floor Plan. 

In addition to creating customized 3D floor plans, you can also use a 3D rendering software to generate realistic renders of your designs that you can show your clients before the actual designing.

5. 3D floor plan makes it easier to envision the house

Knowing a client’s vision about his house and helping him to achieve it is the first thing you have to do when you want to make a sale. However, sometimes things can get challenging because the property you wish to sell might have outdated rooms and old furniture, and in some cases, it can just be a space with no construction started yet. 

In situations like this, you can take the help of a 3D floor plan to show your clients the future of the house and what their life will look like in the space. If the client successfully sees the potential of your property, making a sale will definitely be an easy job. 

6. It helps with online marketing 

In an industry like Real Estate, which is still growing, there are very few people who make an effort to build their online brand, and the people who do so are usually the ones who later take over the market and generate more sales. To create an online brand, you must have a stunning landing page, social media posts, emails, and mobile apps to keep your audience engaged. 

A 3D Floor Plan can help you to make all these things better, and it can also bring an improvement to the conversion rate because it makes the buyer aware of the room dimensions, giving them a better idea for planning their room. 

7. It helps to show your expertise

Many buyers actually focus on your marketing materials to check if they are going with the right Real Estate agent and the property. Having 3D floor plans in the same market materials can make you look professional and can attract some tech savy clients as well. Therefore, having a 3D Floor Plan can benefit both buyers and sellers by adding value to the brand and property they are buying. 


If your clients are unable to see the potential of your property and you are looking for ways to increase your business, then going with a 3D Floor Plan can help your sales team to do a better job with the deal. In a competitive market like Real Estate, it is important to adapt to these latest marketing strategies when you want to grow your business.