Medicine Cabinet

3 Ways to Declutter Your Medicine Cabinet

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Is your medicine cabinet weighing you down? You may not realize it, but a cluttered cabinet can be a damper to your routine. The medicine cabinet is very much a staple to your home, similar to your pantry. A disorganized one can be chaotic and cause unnecessary stress for you and your family.

Organizing a medicine cabinet isn’t exactly an easy task. It may be on your to-do list for some time. Just like anything, of course, starting is often the hardest part. It’s likely taking you more time not doing it than it would for you to spend an hour or two going through your products. If you share a medicine cabinet, be sure all parties are on hand. This isn’t a task for one person if multiple people use the same cabinet.

That said, if your bathroom is on the edge of exploding from so many products, then you’ve come to the right place. Below are three ways to declutter your medicine cabinet. These tips will ensure your cabinet is worthy of a display rather than a sight better left unseen.

1. Avoid Stocking Up

How many times have you purchased items at the pharmacy or beauty store that you didn’t need? Or, how often have you purchased something online because it was simply on sale? Guilty. Even though the concept of stocking up can come in handy from time to time, it won’t help simplify your medicine cabinet. Buying things for the sake of buying them will only cause more chaos in your bathroom. 

To avoid stocking up without forgetting to buy a product before you run out, make a list. Start a list of the basic, everyday items that you use. This can be everything from facial cleansers to toothpaste. Next, make a list of occasional items in your medicine cabinet that you use from time-to-time. These are things like bandages or pimple patches. When you are low on an item, highlight the item so you need to buy it the next time you’re out shopping.

Another tip is to have all of your prescriptions automatically sent to your home. With online birth control, for instance, you can get the prescription you need easily and seamlessly. After filling out an intake form, you can have your birth control shipped to your door. You can be assured that you won’t run out without over-cramming your medicine cabinet. A true win-win scenario! 

2. Take Inventory Regularly

Like anything, there are probably items in your medicine cabinet right now that you no longer use. That medicated ointment you or your child needed when you cut yourself is doing no good in a prominent spot. Or, that fancy lotion you received as a gift doesn’t deserve such a prime spot if you never opened it. Taking inventory regularly will help eliminate the items you no longer need and make space for what you do use.

To take inventory, first, take every single thing out of your medicine cabinet — leave nothing behind. While you’re at it, use a cloth and all-purpose cleaner to give it a good scrub down. Next, focus on the items that you continue to use every day and find a convenient spot for them in the cabinet. Anything you no longer use regularly should find another spot in your bathroom. This could be in a cabinet drawer, for example.

Also, be sure to check expiration dates while you’re at it. Cosmetics, medications, and other necessities expire quicker than you may think. And using products that have gone bad is not good for your health. Also, any bottle that has leaked or corroded should be tossed. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Take inventory at the beginning of each season in order to have a refreshed, clutter-free cabinet.

3. Sort and Organize by Category

Now is the time to organize! You have all of your items that you use and have chucked anything that is old or no longer needed. The next thing to do is to organize through everything and place them in categories. This will help ease your mornings when you’re trying to rush out the door but can’t find your moisturizer.

Depending on the size of your medicine cabinet, you may consider buying small containers to help keep the space tidy. There are plenty of storage and organizational ideas and inspiration online. Labeling the items can also be helpful. You can have a section for all of your “Makeup” and another for “First-Aid” and another for “Medications,” for instance.

If you don’t have space for containers, don’t fret. You can still organize the products by use, and make labels to create designated sections for all of your products. Remember to place products you use within hand reach. And just because you placed an item somewhere first doesn’t mean you’re married to it. It’s your medicine cabinet, so make it work best for you.


Decluttering your medicine cabinet is one project that will make you feel truly satisfied. The end result will help eliminate wasted minutes each morning and evening. You’ll know where everything belongs and when it’s time to buy something again. This relatively quick and easy project will make a big impact on your day-to-day life. And that’s something to smile about.