2021 Florida Keys Travel Guide For First-Time Visitors

2021 Florida Keys Travel Guide For First-Time Visitors

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Do you have the travel bug? You’re in luck. With the summer days getting hotter and longer, there are endless opportunities for tropical fun and relaxation.

One of the top spots for your summer travel this year is the Florida Keys. Before you book your tickets and pack your bags, it’s important to have an idea of activities, hot spots, and must-see sights.

For the top Florida Keys travel advice and information on all the best destinations, read on for our basic guide.

1. The Best Times to Visit

One of the most attractive aspects of the Florida Keys is the warm, sunny, tropical climate. This means that the chain of unique islands welcomes visitors all year long.

The busiest times of year in the Florida Keys are during the months of December through early July. During this time, you’ll likely experience weather in the upper 70s and 80s. During July through September, you’re likely to experience higher temperatures and more chances of rain.

But, in true Florida fashion, rain doesn’t usually stick around for too long. It’s important to check the predicted weather conditions in the Keys before booking your trip. During hurricane season, which lasts from June 1st through November 30th, it’s crucial to keep an eye on any Atlantic storms.

When deciding on the best time to travel to the Florida Keys, you’ll also want to keep track of any popular dates for events. In Key West, one of their most popular events, Fantasy Fest, begins on October 22nd of this year. During Fantasy Fest, you’ll find thousands of adult party-goers celebrating all that Key West has to offer for 10 days straight.

Before booking your trip, consider making a list of all events in the area that you either want to avoid or are looking forward to attending.

2. Experience Unique Aquatic Activities

As one of our top Florida Keys travel tips, be sure to pack several bathing suits, beach towels, and lots of sunscreen. The turquoise blue waters and diverse sea creatures are a must-see. Lucky for you, there are exciting aquatic adventures around every turn.

Snorkeling at one of the many coral reefs is an experience you’ll never forget. Alligator Reef, located about four nautical miles off of the Matecumbe Keys, is one of the most treasured hidden gems of the sea. Alligator Reef bridges shallow and deep reefs from the middle and upper Keys.

Here, visitors can anchor their boat, snorkel under the Alligator Lighthouse, and experience the reefs up close. And if you won’t have your own boat, have no fear. There are many snorkeling charters and boat rentals available on any of the islands.

Another favorite aquatic adventure in the Keys is paddleboarding and kayaking. Consider renting a kayak or paddleboard and exploring the waters yourself. Islamorada or Boca Grande Key provides shallow, safe waters along the coast for you to enjoy.

Many people often see schools of colorful fish and underwater plants during their excursions. You might even find a nearby beach or restaurant to paddle to. This is sure to be a relaxing, unique, and unforgettable time.

3. Get a Bird’s Eye View Of the Islands

With about 137.5 miles of unique landmarks and destinations, it’s impossible to see all of the areas in one trip. But, taking a bird’s eye perspective will gift you the most stunning views of over 800 Keys.

One of the most exciting ways to see the historic bridges and waterways is by helicopter. The Florida Keys has some of the best helicopter tours in the country, showing off glistening waters and painted sunset skies. You’ll even get a tour of the iconic Seven Mile Bridge, one of the longest bridges in existence at the time of building.

Another way to see the Keys from the sky is by parasailing. This is a thrilling, unique experience for many. Parasailing offers gorgeous panoramic views and a warm, breezy ride.

Most parasailing trips take you about 300 feet high in the sky. You’ll likely see dolphins, schools of fish, and much more.

4. The Best Florida Keys Cuisine

In addition to the beautiful, one-of-a-kind views and activities, there is also a wide array of delicious cuisine on the islands. If you love seafood, high-quality cocktails, and unique desserts, the Florida Keys is the place to be. If you’re interested in top quality cuisines while relaxing on a cruise, you can check out Vacations Made Easy too.

Starting off sweet with dessert, key lime pie is a staple for locals and visitors to the islands. While you might have had key lime pie before, you’ve never had it quite like it’s made in Keys. One of the top favorites on the islands is key lime pie dipped in chocolate and on a stick.

The sweet and tart flavors mixed with the crumbly and thick texture of the pie is to die for. You can find these at many places including the Blonde Giraffe in Tavernier, the Key Lime Pie Bakery in Key West, or Mrs. G’s in Islamorada.

You also must try the wide variety of seafood dishes. Whether it’s Mahi Mahi sandwiches, seafood eggs benedict, or coconut shrimp, your tastebuds are sure to be satisfied.

Some of the best restaurants you’re sure to enjoy are Alabama Jacks, Gilbert’s, Snappers, or Boondocks. You’ll also enjoy a visit to Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville restaurant and shop in Key West.

When on your Florida Keys vacation, there are also many bars and cocktail restaurants to visit. One of the most iconic bars is No Name Pub, located in Big Pine Key. At No Name Pub, you’ll find thousands of dollar bills stapled to the interior of the restaurant with names, dates, and good luck wishes.

Another iconic spot you’ll enjoy is Sloppy Joe’s in Key West. Sloppy Joes came about on the day prohibition was repealed in 1933, and is famously known as one of Ernest Hemingway’s hangouts.

Be sure to grab a bite to eat and sip a delicious drink while enjoying the charming outdoor ambiance of the Keys.

Plan Your Florida Keys Travel Today

With so much to see and experience, it’s no secret why locals and visitors adore these charming islands. Now that you know some of our top Florida Keys travel info, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip today to make unforgettable memories.

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