12 of the Hottest Interior Design Styles You’ll See in 2021

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There have been some changes to our lifestyles in the last couple of years, especially the amount of time we spend at home.

Whether you’re trying to reinvent your space to accommodate new life changes or are just ready to freshen things up, interior design trends are evolving to meet your needs.

Looking for some inspiration?

Here are 11 of the hottest interior design styles you’ll see in 2021.

1. Blending Old and New

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Gone are the days of seeking out furniture that matches or represents just one time period.

Now we have tasteful blends of old and new, such as modern with vintage or contemporary with antique.

However, this doesn’t mean you should just put any furniture that you fancy together. Be sure to consider each piece and purchase carefully, thinking about how it will feel with the rest of your existing furniture before you commit.

2. Personalised Wall Decoration

Brighten up your home and design your own customized wall decoration. From decorative wallcoverings to original buddha canvas print, custom art brings dull walls to life. There is a wide range of canvas prints such as black & white, multi-panel, and panoramic prints, to name just a few. They are great printed with your favorite family photo or pet.

Creating your own art is a breeze as there are companies that offer an easy-to-use online design tool. All you have to do is upload your own favorite artwork, photo, or text and you can immediately see the changes on the screen, so you know exactly what the end result will look like. Impress friends and family with your own artwork on canvas! These items of personalised wall art are available in many different sizes to fit any space, large or small.

3. Colored Cabinets

Think cabinetry always has to be stained wood or a neutral color? Then, it’s time to take another look at the possibilities.

More designers are encouraging people to think out of the box and consider unconventional colors. You don’t have to go with anything too extreme to change the vibe of your kitchen completely.

Some popular options include matte colors like sage green, cobalt blue, mustardy yellows, and dark violet.

Choose a color that plays nicely with the lighting and style of your kitchen. Before you decide, take home paint samples to try.

4. Mixed Styles of Decor

Overanalyzing how well your decorative items and accessories match is a thing of the past. Instead, this year is all about making your home feel like a cozy reflection of you.


Get creative! Mix styles of decor that are different but compatible. You can have more fun and simply include what you like, not what matches.

Many people embrace this trend by using shelves to neatly display curated collections of keepsakes, travel mementos, books, and collections.

For accessories, think unique and global: mixed prints from different cultures that work well together in an unexpected way.

5. Wallpaper

Hear me out: wallpaper offerings are nothing like the gaudy, cheesy prints that were popular when this trend dominated during the 1960s, 70s, and 80s.

You may be stunned to find beautiful patterns and prints offered by your favorite home design store now. Wallpaper has made a comeback, and there’s something for everyone (whether you’re going for simplicity or a statement).

Some retailers are happy to provide you with a small sample so you can see how different options work in your space.

6. Casual Aesthetics

This year, interior design isn’t trying to impress other people. Instead, it’s all about making home your haven with items that make sense for your lifestyle, providing comfort over grandeur.

And comfortable often means casual. Lots of blankets draped over furniture neatly but without perfection, and updated versions of the bean bag chair in luxe materials like sherpa are a few examples.

Many seldom-used formal rooms are changing into cozy gathering rooms to relax and bring loved ones together in a casual setting.

7. Functionality

If you and other household members are now working, learning, exercising, and nurturing hobbies from home now, you’re not alone.

Many people are looking for solutions to make their space fit needs they didn’t have to consider before.

Designers are rising to the challenge by creating furniture with multiple uses, such as updated Murphy beds and kitchen tables that fold up to be stored while the dining room acts as a home gym.

8. Natural Elements

You might notice an emphasis on earthy vibes; everything from furniture to accessories and decor boasts a variety of natural materials.

You’ll see more furniture available that features rich, natural wood, marble, and wicker. Decor such as vases crafted from terracotta is popular as well.

For fabrics, select natural fibers like cotton, silk, and linen to complement these materials in how they look and feel. Leathers don’t have to be genuine to look great as higher-quality imitations have become available.

9. Plants

There’s no better way to liven up a space than to add a variety of houseplants.

Plants add a fresh, invigorating feel that no furniture or accessory can provide by bringing life into a room.

Intimidated by the thought of caring for live greenery? Don’t be. As house plants have become extremely popular in recent years, more experts and enthusiasts have been producing fool-proof blogs or articles to teach beginners the basics.

Just be sure to find live plants from a reputable source to ensure they’re healthy from the start.

10. Sustainability

One of the most popular trends happening in interior design isn’t something you can see; it’s a call for social and environmental responsibility.

The increasing demand for sustainable products has helped make them more widely available (and affordable). Look for eco-friendly products and brands wherever you like to shop for home goods, and you’re likely to find something great.

You might also keep sustainability in mind by not buying anything at all. Instead, consider repurposing, refinishing, or repainting items you already have to manifest your vision.

10. Natural Light

Whether you’re spending more time at home or just want to create a more lively vibe, it’s time to let in as much natural light as possible.

You can still maintain privacy by replacing heavy curtains and blinds with sheer drapes or fabrics that allow more light to come through.

Can’t afford new blinds? Paper blinds are easy to install and are surprisingly chic at an affordable price.

11. Combined Textures

Be brave with texture this year by trying creative combinations.

Blending fabrics like velvet and faux fur pillows on a woven cotton couch will provide wide variety with a handmade Peruvian blanket draped over the side.

Trending furniture is showing more texture, too. Look for items with paneling, carved design work, and unique fabrics.

Don’t be afraid to try stunning paint effects like marbling! If you’re up for it, you can look up ways to DIY.


Life looks a lot different in 2021 than it did a couple of years ago, and interior design trends are also shifting. Keep these top style trends in mind as you change up your own space.

Feel free to reach out any time to discuss finding a new place that fits your needs (and how to decorate it like a pro).