10 Signs You Are Addicted To Intoxicants

10 Signs You Are Addicted To Intoxicants

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Alcohol may be available in many forms but the fact is it is always dangerous. There is always the fear that one more glass may tip you over the edge into the world of addiction. You fear the world would stop sinning for you if you don’t have just that next drink.

It is a vicious cycle from which few recover, but they do – on the back of their determination and strength.

How does one know they are addicted? 

Signs of addiction

  1. Risky behaviour – if you have been taking more and more risks in life, without really worrying about the outcome, you could be addicted. Any kind of addiction loosens the grip on the moral fabric and the addict tends to cross boundaries like never before.
  2. Physical symptoms – have you been noticing dilated pupils or bloodshot/red eyes in the mirror? Is your skin flushed or puffed in an abnormal manner? This too could mean you are far too dependent on your drink.
  3. Mood swings – most alcoholics have insane mood swings where they oscillate at times between intense irritation or deep misery and euphoria. If you have been noticing that happening more and more often, check your hand before it reaches out to that bottle.
  4. Apathy – most addicts, over time, lose control of their emotional quotient. They start ignoring those around them and show disinterest in all those things that held them rapt before.
  5. Personal appearance – if you have no longer started keeping up with how you look, this could be a warning sign. Also, if you have gained too much weight or lost it, beware, it could be your addiction making you careless about all these factors.
  6. Unhealthy relationships – have you been actively seeking out the company of other addicts? Or like being around those who support your drinking and oftentimes offer you more? You surely are well on your way to hard-core addiction! 
  7. Financial troubles – if you are facing money issues and find yourself spending a lot more than you would on alcohol, ask yourself some tough questions about your dependence on alcohol. 
  8. Isolation – if you like being alone with your bottle and nary a family member or friend around you, you could be in trouble with imbibing far too much of it.
  9. Redirection – if you have become aggressive and quarrel over the smallest issue, you could be redirecting a normal conversation to hide your addiction.
  10. Sleeping habit – any kind of abuse or addiction wreaks havoc on a person’s sleep. If you like your drink far too much and are off your normal schedule, chances are high that you are addicted already.  

To break the habit, use an AA meeting locator or AA meeting directory
today to check for local AA meetings.

Once you are on the path to recovery, you can use a sobriety calculator to know the time that’s lapsed since you became confident enough to say bye to the bottle.