Will a 3-Seater Fit Through a Door? Getting a Sofa into Your Home

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A well-designed sofa adds a level of elegance to your home’s interior décor. Although there are different sofa designs, 3-seaters have gained high popularity. However, some people face challenges when they need to move their couches through their narrow doorways. The width of a standard 3-seater sofa is around 84”, while the depth is about 40”. So, how will you fit it through a door? 

A few tips will help you overcome challenges. 

Tilt and pivot your couch:

If the sofa is very wide and you cannot move it through the doorway, angling is the best trick you can try to fit the sofa through the narrow space. It is the common solution if there is a mismatch between the door size and the sofa’s dimensions. 

Disassemble your sofa:

The simple tilting and pivoting method will not work if you have purchased a 3-seater or larger sofa to move through the door. You may have to disassemble its parts, like the arms and backrest. Make sure that screws are stored in a safe place after disassembling the components. Install the sofa at the right place and reassemble the parts.

Remove your sofa’s cushion:

If your sofa currently has cushions and other accessories, you may have to remove them. In some cases, these small things add weight to your sofa. That is why you find it difficult to move the sofa. If you have tools, you may remove the legs of your sofa before moving it through the doorway.

Remove furniture that causes obstruction:

You have to remove furnishings that cause blockage to the doorway. For instance, side tables, photo frames, mirrors, and racks can prevent you from moving the sofa. If you remove these things, you will get more space to fit the couch.

Remove the door:

Sometimes, disassembling the parts of your sofa does not solve your problem. In that case, you should detach the door and its frame. Depending on your door type, the frame covers a number of inches. So, if you have removed them, moving the couch through the doorway will be easier. 

Look for professional help:

As you are not experienced in dealing with 3-seater sofas, you may not be able to move them easily. However, the best sofa sellers have professionals to help you move the sofa and place it in your room. They know how to manage it easily and save you from the hassle.

Fitting a 3-seater sofa through a narrow interior door is a difficult task. Still, you should not be concerned as there are some ways to do it successfully. To avoid these issues, you can measure your doorway space and buy a sofa of the right size. You can also look for lightweight 3-seaters to manage the task easily. Some 3-seaters are convertible into a different model. Check the features and size of your sofa before making a deal. Partial disassembly also simplifies the process of moving the sofa through the doorway.