Why You Should Hire a Lawyer for Your Online Startup

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Starting something new can be exciting and scary at the same time. Exciting because you look forward to a new world of opportunities and success. Scary because you’re just starting, and you’ll surely make some mistakes. You should note that if these mistakes are against the Estate Planning Lawyer in Arizona, you’ll be in big trouble that could cost you as much as the whole business. Hiring a startup lawyer is the best way to avoid making these unprecedented mistakes.

Risk is associated no matter what you do, whether playing roulette online or starting an ice cream business. You can avoid certain risks by hiring a lawyer who understands the intricacies of business laws like the back of their palm and can save you from making terrible mistakes, ensuring you sail your startup boat smoothly without any errors.

Here are some reasons you should hire a startup lawyer today:

Avoiding Tax Problems

Regardless of the kind of startup or industry you’re in, you’ll still have to pay taxes to your state or local authorities. You could lose all the revenue you worked for, which could be more than the cost of hiring a lawyer that could save you this stress.

Another issue business owners commonly have is paying the same tax more than once because of a lack of understanding. If you neglect payment or don’t pay the right way, you can land in the IRS “black book”; honestly, you don’t want to be in this situation.

Confirming Availability

Before you launch your business, there are certain things you need to confirm, which include:

  • Your business name
  • Location for startup operations
  • Your startup’s marketing tagline.

The reason you first have to make a confirmation is to avoid stealing someone else’s business name. If you fail to confirm and use an already trademarked name. You could end up in a huge mountain of trouble. But if you have a lawyer to help you with the process, all these errors can be avoided.

Setting Up Insurance Policies

A startup lawyer knows all the insurance policies that will greatly benefit your business. You’ll need to cover accidents and equipment and products. Therefore you can’t just choose a one size fits all insurance policy. A lawyer who knows their onions about startup insurance will help make this process easier.

Having a Partnership Agreement

If you’re running the startup with a partner, even if you’re friends, you’d need to plan for an agreement because you never know if you and your partners will have a fallout in the future. You’d need to have set rules on profit sharing, division of responsibilities, and equity splits, and a startup lawyer is in the best position to help with this.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

You don’t want to do all the work to get your startup running only for someone to copy your idea and benefit from it, leaving you on the sidelines. A startup lawyer can help you with all the advice needed to fill patents and apply for copyrights and trademarks.

Overseeing Funds

You can’t grow your startup without funding. The money will come from different sources, and you must establish legal documents for each. Your lawyer can also help you negotiate for funds by representing your business legally. It could be a plus if they already have relationships with people who could help fund your startup.

Drafting Required Statements for Your Website

At this age and time, every startup should have a website that helps collect data from their target audience to improve their services. Your website should contain the user agreement, which states the approved behavior for visitors to follow on your website, and disclaimers to prevent any liabilities, for instance, when a visitor clicks a third-party link.


It’s no easy task to run a startup, and one of the ways to work smarter is to have a lawyer to seek advice from so you don’t make any avoidable errors. It’s better to pay for the services of a startup lawyer than for your business to end up as a shadow of itself.