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What types of slots are there?

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The majority of online slots players will be old enough to remember a time when playing on a machine meant down the local pub, balancing your pint on top and inserting coins in. They were simpler times, but in truth, not such exciting times. Slot machines were dying a slow death and the internet has dragged them to a sleek new age – play Rainbow Riches free spins no deposit.

Since the turn of the millennium, slots games online have got better and better. More money is ploughed into the iGaming industry at all levels, and as a result the content is amazing, the graphics ground-breaking, and the prizes lucrative.

But with the vast choice we have online now, it’s easy to let all the different types of slot games pass you by. Sure, the classic 3-reel slots are still available, but what else is out there to try? 

5-Reel Slots

This format is by far the most common for online slots games nowadays. Having five reels instead of three means that there are more pay-lines which makes spinning the reels more exciting!  

Video Slots

Video slots games first appeared in the 1980s, but it wasn’t until the mid-1990s that they transitioned online en masse. Since then they’ve simply never looked back. 

Video slots have made countless people millionaires, allowed many more to buy their dream cars and houses, become themed, based on films, people, civilisations, bands, become huge social events all across the world, morphed into new variants of different games, and have taken us further into the 21st century than many other modes of technology.

There are more possible winning combinations available than ever before, and aside from 3D graphics and innovative bonus features, we’re not too far away from virtual reality and gambling experiences about which users have only ever dreamt. 

The future is so bright for online slots, and to say that the iGaming industry is an exciting space to be in would be somewhat of an understatement. Now a multi-billion-pound industry, more people are signing up than ever before, and more software producers are getting involved with releasing new content. 

Fruit Machines

Not to be confused with slots machines, online fruit machines are much simpler. They typically come with three reels, fewer pay-lines offering a low-variance experience, and “classic” features like “holding” and “nudging”. 

Fixed Jackpot Slots

Fixed jackpot slots are essentially slots games where the jackpot is fixed and does not change or grow.

Unlike progressive jackpots where the size of the prize rises depending on how many people are contributing to the total, fixed jackpots always stay the same.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive jackpots are simply pools of money which increase incrementally. By playing, each player contributes towards the overall total as a small percentage of each wager goes towards the jackpot.

It keeps on increasing until it’s won, and then the process starts all over again. Crucially though, the progressive jackpots do not go back to zero. They go back to a set amount, known as the seed. This “seed” amount varies from game to game.

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