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Flowers are one of the best ways to express how good you feel about others. Or if not so then sending them to someone to show gratitude towards them. It’s not always compulsory to send flowers to a girl or a boy on Valentine’s Day.

Since Valentine’s Day is about love, it’s important to send flowers to your loved ones who have made your days beautiful. Now if your friends reside in Bangalore, you can send flowers to Gurgaon using Blooms villa’s online services. If you need a flower for any occasion you should find the best flowers delivery service.

Flowers can add so much to your friend’s mood and especially when represented to them as a surprise gift, flowers become more special. A bouquet of flowers be it any roses, carnations, orchids that they like will fill their valentine’s day with love and joy.

Shopping for flowers online is the same as shopping online on a website, but here you order flowers and goodies for your best friends. And getting a flower delivery done on valentine’s day might be hectic as it’s already a rush-hour out there for other companies but not for you, as your valentine’s day flower delivery is done on the time mentioned by you and not that you have to fit their time of arrival.

Most often it happens that we miss out on people and festivals because we are living away from friends and family and quite often detach ourselves, and Valentine’s Day is the right time to reconnect with them.

A flower bouquet will leave your friends happy and cheerful all day long especially bright yellow roses or a mixture of fragrances such as roses and lilies, a sunshine basket of orchids roses, or even buds of mixed flowers in a vase that will take some days to become flowers and spread their fragrance across your friend’s house.

So, if you are actually interested in surprising your friends even if your friends live in the same city or any other cities such as Jaipur, Delhi, Pune etc. then also online flower delivery in India is possible. Now coming back to the flowers that one can send their loved ones on Valentine’s Day are mentioned below –


Lilies are amongst the most friendly flowers in mostly all the flowers found. What makes them great is their strong fragrance that is known to uplift the mood of those around it. So rest assured these pink lilies can become a part of your gift to your loved ones or if not a loved one then somebody who’s the mood you want to uplift on Valentine’s Day. 

They look cheerful and bright. You can order flowers online on and uplift the mood of your near and dear ones. In fact, an online bouquet delivery would be much better, that way your flowers will remain fresh and they’ll look stylish too.

Probably a bouquet with a glass vase or a bamboo vase. Ideally, you can also get mixed flowers such as a combination of green leaves, orange lilies and some chocolates too.


Mixed Flowers

Yes, many times it comes to our mind that what should we send to our loved ones and what should we not and when this question comes one of the best ways to send them anything on valentine’s day is mixed flowers bouquet. You can buy flowers bouquet & online flower delivery in Delhi and easily send it to your friend’s address.

Your flowers would not be a flower basket alone but you can decorate it with chocolates and teddy bears and also send cake and flowers to Bangalore or any other city where your friends are residing.

Mixed flowers could be cheerful roses combined with fresh lilies or my light of the world consisting of white lilies and yellow roses, my superhero bouquet for your father-friend on Valentine’s Day consisting of blue and white orchids, spirited glory basket consisting of purple orchids and orange roses, and many more like these combinations.

One of the best things is that if you don’t have too much time to think you can just select a combination of flowers and send them to your friends anywhere in India.


One of the most beautiful flowers ever found on earth with amazing fragrance to brighten up your best friend’s valentine’s day. Roses come in various colours as of now such as green, orange, black blue etc but the most popular amongst people still are friendly white, sunshine yellow, lovely red, bright oranges and green seasonal as an add on to make a wonderful bouquet.

You can send these roses according to the person or timing, such as for your best friend at midnight best would be red roses, for midday orange and for morning’s sunshine yellow roses to brighten up their day.

But if you are really confused that your friend should not take your flowers in the wrong way then you can gift them a combination of baby pink and white roses.


Carnations are amongst the most mysterious and debated flowers ever. They are famous for their friendly looks, love, and distinction and every colour has a unique and rich combination. You can buy flower bouquet online and gift it to someone who means a lot to you, that friend who has always stood by you.

Now every colour has a different meaning, carnations such as light red carnations suggest deep admiration towards someone it could be your friend crush or a person you admire. White carnations are a symbol of purity, love and good luck, and just because it’s Valentine’s day doesn’t mean people do not work; white carnations will bring glow on the face of that friend in need of your support.

Pink carnation represents the symbol of a mother’s love, so if you are a mother residing in India or outside you can send carnations for your children somewhere in India say Bangalore, you can send cake and flowers to Bangalore as a special Valentine’s Day gift to them.



Orchids are amongst the most famous ornamental flowers, and they are great to boost in uplifting your senses. One can buy flowers bouquet online on Bloomsvilla and send it to your friends anywhere in India or outside as well.

With every colour there is a meaning attached, like, white orchids are representative of purity, luxury, innocence, these can be easily gifted to anyone like your friends, family and many other people.

Blue orchids, that are slightly tinted represent rarity for one of the rarest friends that live in your heart and yet are far away, and red orchids stand for passion and desire, similarly orange stands for keenness, delight and a lot more. Ideally, you can get for your friends on Valentine’s Day is a basket full of mixed colours each representing something of your feelings towards them.