UAE publishes first photo from Mars probe

UAE publishes first photo from Mars probe

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You must know it very well that Mars is the fourth planet from the sun and second smallest planet from the Solar system. In the present day, it has been revealed that Mars is one of the most habitable planets in the solar system because of several reasons. It has soils that are ready to extract water. This planet is neither too hot nor too cold. The climate remains pleasant throughout the year. It is also known by the name of “Red Planet”. The gravity on Mars is estimated to be about 38%. This is enough for a human to sustain in this planet, for more update must visit businessbytes.

Recent development of Mars:

In the recent time, a new thing has been observed. This is just a fantastic thing. The scientists in United Arab Emirates have published a new image that shows Mars is now circling the red planet. The picture clearly shows Mars North Pole and Mars largest Volcano that is named as “Olympus Mons”.

This image first came out from its “Amal” or Hope. It was a great ray of hope for the scientists. All this is mainly possible for the enormous attempt of the space scientists. It is also possible because of the advanced devices and technologies.

A complete overview of Mars:

It can be rightly said in this context that Mars is the only planet that have an atmosphere. The atmosphere available on Mars is 100 percent thinner than the Earth. It also contains good oxygen levels. However, the scientists who visit Mars always carry oxygen support. It may appear before you that Mars is hotter. But the concept is wrong because Mars is neither too hot nor too cold. It would not be wrong to say that Mars is pretty cold. The climate is soothing.

Scientists have also found that Mars is about 50 miles away from Earth. Most of the scientists are of the opinion that within 2030 people will be able to work on Mars. They are taking every attempt to make the mission a big success. They are trying to send humans on Mars. Mars is named after the Roman God of war. Mars rotates on its own axis after every 24.6 hours. The axis of the Mars is slightly tilted. Seasons on Mars are different from that of the Earth. This is the main difference that exists between the two.

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It has been known from several sources that this planet had water and wind. It shows that Mars had a dense population and it had enough liquid. Like Earth, Mars have mountains, valleys and even volcanoes. It is another important fact about the planet. It has Olympus Mons which is one of the largest volcanos of the Solar system.

So, it can be said that the invention that has been done by the scientists is phenomenon. It has helped the research work to a different dimension. It is also expected that within a few years time, some more inventions will be made that will help common man to know more about Mars.