Types of Staff Augmentation

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Hiring the top candidates to match your business requirements seems like an uphill battle. Are you finding the most suitable candidates? Many businesses are battling their inefficient hiring process until they have adopted staff augmentation. It is critical to understand your company’s potential challenges and needs. What is staff augmentation? It is an HR outsourcing strategy that brings in the best candidates for your project based on the required skills. And taking up IT staff augmentation services through a reliable outsourcing company provides a professional, productive, and results-driven experience.

Types of Staff Augmentation

There are two types of staff augmentation: short-term and long-term.

Short-term Staff Augmentation

As the name suggests, this type of service is used if the requirement is short-term. For instance, a short-term need for engineers, developers, testers, etc., or in case in-house experts are unavailable.

Long-term Staff Augmentation

When it comes to longer projects, and there is a need to fill a skill gap, long-term staff augmentation services are used. In addition, you can use these services to cut operational costs or when it is challenging to hire an in-house employee. With staff augmentation services, the hiring process becomes a breeze.

Why Use Staff Augmentation

With IT staff augmentation, it is now possible to add new members to your project with ease. Who doesn’t want to increase their talent pool through effective platforms? Let us look at the advantages of staff augmentation.

Hiring the Best Candidates

IT staff augmentation makes your hiring process simple and easy. Understanding your company’s needs is a key factor in choosing suitable candidates from a portfolio of candidates.

When your project requires a specific skill set, IT staff augmentation is the ultimate solution.


It would be best to have technology experts as your business grows in leaps and bounds. They provide you with the right solution to help overcome the technical challenges and staffing constraints. It is time to accelerate your business.

Saves Time

With the help of the staff augmentation model, your business will have complete flexibility to scale your team size within the required time frame. You can take care of your core business goals with ease.


Whether it is a specific candidate or recruiting multiple talents for a project, the 10bits, a staff augmentation company in the USA, is highly scalable and is ready to guide you with the hiring process.

Immediate Solution

The professionals are the experts who create more value related to the project development process. They can reduce downtime because of their deep understanding of the subject.

There are three categories of staff augmentation, and they are as follows:


When you are searching for reliable workers, they do not need a specific skillset.


When you need an expert with a specific skill set, the level of skills is not that crucial.


When you require professionals with advanced skills, that can be achieved through effective training and experience.

Staff augmentation is indeed an amazing tool to take your hiring process to the next level. Your responsibility is to select a reliable and experienced IT staff augmentation service provider to get instant access to talented and skilled subject matter experts. 10bits is the right choice for availing IT staff augmentation services.

With 10bits IT staff augmentation services, they ensure that they will match your business capabilities, competitiveness, and services. The IT staff augmentation enables businesses to quickly and cost-efficiently reach their goals. You can get instant access to the expert talent hub and accessible business scaling without any worries. Start your hiring journey without technical challenges and staffing constraints with this leading staff augmentation company in the USA!