Travel History: Experience of Travel in Bali, Indonesia!

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The mind is refreshed when you turn around. And so the travel thing always pulls me in. Every year I plan a tour around the anniversary. On October 8, we had our wedding anniversary. This time we decided to go to the sand island of Indonesia. 

This time I was on tour with four people, daughter, and Debar. The most significant benefit of going to Bali is that visas are not hassled. Indonesia on Arrival visa for Bangladeshi passport holders. Only when the plane ticket was cut. Malindo, Thai, Singapore, or Malaysian Airlines are good to go to Bali. The earlier the ticket can be deducted, the lower the price will be. We booked a ticket for a month and a half ago. There are no direct flights from Bangladesh to Bali; you have to take transit to Kuala Lumpur or Singapore.

We had a Malaysian flight from Dhaka to Malindo Air on the night of October 27 last year. After arriving at Kuala Lumpur International Airport at around 4 am, after about an hour’s flight from Dhaka. After the 5 hour transit, we arrived at Bali airport after about five and a half hours.

Bali is an island area and province in Indonesia. Indonesia’s 7th province, just 2 km from the city of Java. Bali is also called ‘The Last Paradise on Earth’ or ‘The Last Paradise on Earth.’ Everywhere on this sandy island is incredibly beautiful.

Indonesia, on arrival visa for Bangladeshi, does not have any problem with immigration, ask two questions, and then give 5 days’ entry visa. Staying with return tickets, hotel booking papers, dollar endorsements made our migration easier. Indonesia’s SIM is available at the airport through immigration. I bought a SIM from the airport. Hotels and guides were booked in advance. Travel sites like and can be used for booking hotels, flights,s, and the best deal. The guide was waiting for us outside the airport. He arrived at the hotel only upon arrival. The hotel was in Ubud, about 5 km from the airport. It took us about 2 hours to reach the hotel. The name of the hotel was ‘Kanchana Ubud.’ I was in the hotel for 2 days, 3 nights. After checking into the hotel, I went to the room and took dinner. Then gave me a long night’s sleep. Since there were so many journeys throughout the day, everyone was so tired.

First day of rotation in the sand

We woke up the next morning, had breakfast, and went out to visit the sights of Ubud. Where to stay, when to travel, where to travel, everything was planned. We ended the entire Bali trip with a guide. So it was not a hassle to rent a new taxi every day. The guide had told everything in advance; he would come and pick us up from our hotel accordingly. 

First, we went to Bird Park, then from there we went to a nice restaurant and had lunch, the rice fields on the one hand and the beautiful natural surroundings decorated with beautiful flowering trees inside, the food is somewhat like an Indian type restaurant. After lunch, we went to Tagenagan Falls. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bali. The high mountains have descended on bright hillsides, which effortlessly capture the mind of tourists. After an entire day’s wanderings, we returned to the hotel in the evening.

Living volcanoes in Indonesia

The next day was the second day of our trip to Bali, waking up in the morning and getting ready for breakfast, the guide was waiting in front of our hotel. Then we first went to Ubud Monkey Forest. It is one of the most beautiful places in Ubud. In this forest, the monkeys saw the freedom of the monkeys, taking pictures of the tourists on mobiles. After finishing selfie with Monkey in Monkey Forest, we went to Ubud Palace. The ‘Ubud Palace,’ the traditional palace of the king of Ubud, is a symbol of Ubud’s heritage. Among the sights of Bali are beautiful temples. Exiting Ubud Palace, we visited some of the nearby temples.

Then we left for Kinnamani to see Mount Vatu, a live volcano. When we got there, the scenery was so beautiful that we were enamored. The place is east of Bali. The mountain is a lively volcano, 5,700 meters high, with cool lava spread over the mountains, attracting tourists. At the foot of Mount Batur is the largest natural lake vatu of Bali. Sitting on the hill, small restaurants have been set up on the mountain to enjoy the natural beauty of the lake, we had lunch there, and the buffet was also delicious. We spent some time in this beautiful place and returned to the hotel. On our way back to the hotel, we saw Rice Terrace (paddy field), somewhere we saw beautiful oceans along the road. Tourists can easily buy fresh oranges from here. It was our evening to reach the hotel.


“The blue water of the sea and the tidal wave easily captures the mind of tourists.”


Noosa Lambagan Island

The next day is the third day of our sand review. Our Ganja Nuwa Lambagnan Island. There is some transportation on this island, and there is not a transporter named Rookie, some speedboats are not seen on the Big Nusa Lambang Island always on Transporter Rookie. If it is ever going to speed up, we face them. This rookie does not leave the Gili Gateway number, Nusa is ready for baby restlessness at the bottom of the lemonade when checking out of 10 hotels, and the girls who go before the guide have to go to the hotel. At 5:30 pm, we boarded the Gilly Gateway, at 12 noon, our boat was floating around. The people in the blue water rushed to our ships. Terrible fear found at the harbor at sea at one o’clock in the afternoon after an hour’s voyage, and we landed at Noosa Lambagan Island.

Dwipata’s story is village type, quiet-quiet. The beautiful resort here, Villuk’s name. We come to a villa called ‘Hearty Lambagan,’ our villa is less complicated than the sea, but if Viola cannot be the sea, here are some scenes of mischievous neighborhoods not seen. From our villa to Mushroom Beach, the children and children of the sea have been seated there. Some way, the isolated horseman, the Colonel, came down in the evening. After breakfast, we see several people in the neighborhood, then went to the hotel. There are some guesthouses, radars and some dishes. No nimbus lambigans bipedal stories, no roadblocks, so you don’t have to go for a walk. I don’t have to go to the hotel reception people for a while

The next morning, we started a scooty post. Post pictures when the image appeared before the beautiful natural event in his memory. After a sea of ​​blue water on the blue water of the sea and the semi-official lobbying cable, we visit Dream Beach, Yellow Bridge. After that, there will be no hiding in the Yellow Bridge parlor, bathing, relaxing, and eating some sunset at Sunset Bay. All the beautiful exhibits at Nubasa Lambagan are here. The blue water of the sea is the sun’s light reading, the spectacular solar eclipse, the excellent service. Late evening I’ve been watching before. Staying in the sunset after enjoying a beautiful evening, study back at the resort at night. Note, no less time we visit in Long Island on Tsubasa. The next day we left.

The beautiful Nua Dua Beach

Previous hotel bookings are provided in Kuta. The Hotel Mountains in Kuta come to us at three o’clock. The hotel named Zahur prayers. After lunch, we left Nua Dua blasting Hail. This is one of the highest children in Bali. You are surrounded by beautiful scenery and picturesque trees of the Nua Dua public. Here are a few water views of the sea, not all of the pictures are available, from drunks to rice items. The inaugural restaurant features the logo of the living in the atmosphere, review details here should observe the operation of the sea. Since Nusha Dua is a bed, it is our turn to look at the whole after this sunshine. We left Ronda Handa as a hotel after sunrise. As it was evening, I went nowhere and went back to the hotel.


Awesome Noosa Dua Beach 

Hotel booking was already booked in Kuta. It was almost three o’clock when we reached the hotel in Kuta. Arriving at the hotel, prayers in Johor, after lunch, we left for Nusa Dua Beach. It is one of the most extensive beaches in Bali. The whole Nusa Dua area is very well set up and equipped with different types of vegetation. There are many restaurants along the coast, almost all kinds of food are available here, from drinks to rice items. There are also arrangements with each restaurant to enjoy the atmosphere; tourists can see the beauty of the sea to relax here. Since Nusa Dua Beach is so big, it took us a little bit longer to see it all. After the evening we left for the hotel since it was evening, so we went back to the hotel.


The last is with the Uluuntu Temple and Kuta Beach.


The next day was the last day of our trip to Bali. We left the hotel around 8 am, for the Uluwatu Temple. It is one of the largest and traditional temples in Bali. The temple was built in the 5th century. It is a prominent shrine for Hindus. The temple is situated on a hill about 20 feet high.

Along with the mountains, the sea, the blue water waves of the sea are falling on the mountain, the view is impossible. Being on the far side of the sea, the frosty air flows here. There are many beautiful seating areas inside the temple; after entering through the gate of the temple, there is a lovely atmosphere decorated with beautiful flowers and other plants inside, which easily captivate visitors. Before entering this temple, a purple lungi dress is to be taken later. There are many monkeys here; the monkeys are very naughty. Tourists’ shoes, glasses, wallets are also considered when available. In front of us, I saw a lady carrying drinks. He was busy taking glasses and taking pictures; the monkey has taken the glasses on that occasion. Later on, many tactics were trying to get the glasses back. We spent some time here, then went to Kuta Beach, reached there, and had lunch. There are a lot of good restaurants along the road around the beach. We had lunch at McDonald’s. Then after wandering around for a while, we went to the sand shopping mall. The next day, we did not have much time on our return flight. We didn’t shop too much. Some chocolates, bags, dresses, show pits, and sand coffee are well known to everyone, so I took some coffee for myself and the gift. After shopping from the shopping mall, we returned to the hotel.

The next morning, after checking everything in the hotel, we left for the airport at 9 am. Our flight at 4 pm. Since I will be back in the country after several days, there was a good feeling in my mind. It felt a little unfortunate to leave Bali with. At about two o’clock we reached Malaysia airport. The transit here was 5 hours. At 6 pm we had a flight from Malaysia to Dhaka, we reached Dhaka at 12:30 pm Bangladesh time.

This is just a few days’ trips to Bali as it looks like Bali as a tourist place. There are many excellent clean, neat, decorated environment, hospitality, and security – all to attract tourists. Traveling helps us learn about a new country, learn something new, and improve our mentality — it seems even more tedious to travel to Bali.