Faux Fur Jackets

Top Reasons Why Faux Fur Jackets are Better than the Real Ones

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Fur jackets are one of the biggest trends right now. In the winter season, you will see men and women wearing fur clothing and accents. But manufacturing fur is controversial because it is linked to animal cruelty. 

So when you buy your next set of faux fur jackets, make sure to think about their impact on the environment and animals. Don’t worry because faux fur is just as good as the real ones, maybe even better.

Why should you buy faux fur instead of real fur?

Animal cruelty is a big no-no in the ethical fashion industry. Faux fur is vegan and designed to have the best quality and can last for years. Aside from being cruelty-free, below are more reasons why you need to stop buying jackets made from real fur and start using faux fur jackets.

  • Easy to clean and store

Since faux furs are made from synthetic, man-made materials, the cleaning and storing parts are very easy. Unlike authentic animal fur, they do not need a complex care process. In addition, most of these faux furs do not react to certain external factors such as heat and humidity. 

Additionally, real furs are often not allowed to be washed using a machine because they are delicate. With faux fur, you can throw it in the laundry and let the machine do the cleaning for you, saving you from the stress of cleaning such bulky and heavy material. Cleaning stains is also easier on faux fur products katmoviehd than on authentic ones.

  • Durable

Authentic animal furs can also last long, but only if they are properly taken care of. As mentioned earlier, real fur requires more maintenance than faux fur. Like other synthetic clothing products, faux furs are designed to last for many years. 

Also, real fur tends to fade over time. But in faux fur, you won’t probably even notice if it is only a day old or years old. So you can wear your faux fur jacket every day and still have it look like new every time you wear it.

  • More affordable

Authentic fur often costs a lot more than faux fur. Unless you are very rich and willing to spend on a fur jacket, invest in faux fur instead. Besides, no one would notice whether you are wearing real or fake fur.

  • Trendy

Fur jackets are very popular today. They are a classic staple in every man’s and woman’s wardrobe, but they’re growing even more on the rise today. 

Another major advantage you can get from a faux fur jacket is its wide range of colours because authentic animal fur might limit you to natural colours only, such as neutral shades. Don’t you want to stand out with a dash of bold colour in your fur jacket?

Winter is almost everyone’s favourite season because aside from the cold weather, it’s also the time when people get to dress as fashionably as they can. Their outfits are often styled with boots, tights, scarves, mittens, beanies, and of course, big fur jackets.

But before you buy your next fur jacket, think about all the minks, squirrels, foxes, and other animals that died in the fur-making process for the sake of fashion. Find a store that promotes ethical fashion and cruelty-free products. Faux fur would give you the style and satisfaction you need in a winter jacket.