Top Boxing Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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Boxing is one of the most beloved combat sports which involve two contenders throwing punches for a limited amount of time. Let know about UFC Illegal Moves. The fact that it requires two people hitting one another is often seen as a dangerous sport in many countries like Norway, Iceland, and North Korea.

And if you are a new-comer to the game, you need to know the essential hacks to avoid any severe injury and improve at the game. The article features some of the fundamental tips for a beginner to this game .

Drink a Lot of Water

Lot of WaterPxfuel

One of the basic requirements of a boxing game is to be as hydrated as possible all the time. The fact that a typical half an hour boxing session can lead to burning up of 400 to 700 calories, it is obvious you are going to sweat a lot. In a boxing match, you sweat and lose water from your body at a remarkable pace.

Therefore, you need to drink water between the rounds so that you can keep on going. For a beginner, it will also prevent you from getting tired-up quickly and fainting.

Use Appropriate Boxing Gloves and Clothes

Boxing Gloves and ClothesWikimedia Commons

Whether it is a veteran or beginner, boxing gloves Brisbane is the most valuable asset of the game. Therefore, you need to have a suitable sized & weight boxing gloves. Although 16-ounce gloves are an appropriate weight for the beginners, you can try among different variants to see what feels right for you.

Your regular workout clothes are more than enough for you to feel at ease during training and boxing matches. Short and lightweight t-shirts are great options to wear as it provides enough room for your body to breathe and sweat-out.

Learn How to Wrap Your Hands Correctly

Your Hands CorrectlyeBay

The first layer of protection of your hands is the wrapping that saves your knuckle from getting injured. Though hand wraps are available in different sizes, it would be best for a beginner to go for 180”. Mouthguard and chest protectors are some other accessories that are used in a boxing match.

There is nothing worse than a broken wrist due to an inefficient wrap. You can easily find a lot of YouTube tutorials for how to use a hand wrap around the knuckles properly. No matter what method you follow, you need to provide sufficient padding to your fingers.

Build Your Stamina

Boxing requires you to have an incredible level of stamina for you to sustain in the later rounds of the match. Though boxing itself can improve your cardio, you can’t expect yourself to continue in gruesome training sessions without having decent stamina.

Jogging long distances at a slow pace can improve your stamina over time. You can practice different variations in your running speed to increase your efficiency in the ring.

Breathe Correctly When Boxing

If you don’t entertain the correct breathing pattern during a boxing match, you might find yourself getting tired-up too quickly. Always breathe-out from your nose and mouth when blowing punches and breathe-in through your diaphragm with you get hit from your opponent.

It often takes some time for you to become accustomed to the technique, so you must start slow.

Improve Your Footwork

Boxing is a strategic game that requires the contenders to change their position, speed, and directions to strike and also to prevent it. For you to possess that level of flexibility, it is essential to improve your footwork drills. Shadowboxing and jumping ropes can enhance your footwork effectively.

You can play other sports that involve frequent footwork like Badminton to achieve the same level of expertise.

Hit the Heavy Bag Correctly

Heavy punching bags are a great way to improve the power of your punches and to get better at it. There’ll be times when you won’t have any opponent or any trainer to hold a pad for you. As opposed to hitting the punching bags as hard as possible, use constant power to hit them to improve the impact of your punches.

Work On Your Boxing Technique

If you follow a bad boxing technique, all the muscle and speed that you have build-up in training won’t help you in the ring. You must know how to roll your shoulders while nudging and rotating your hips and throwing a hook. While training and technique are vital, if you’re curious about the results of such dedication, you can look into who holds the record for the most wins in boxing to see the pinnacle of achievement in the sport.

You need to pay attention to the vital nuances of the game. You can practice these tricks in the mirror for improvements. Though you might be a beginner, you can still ask for valuable feedback from your workout buddies.


Apart from all the boxing tips and tricks mentioned in the article, you need to be patient and calm, whether it’s a boxing match or a training session. Moreover, you must thoroughly enjoy the process before you get better at it.