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Tips When Ordering Custom Boxes For Your Promotional Marketing Needs

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Many companies order Custom Box to package housing information and announcements about new products, software, CDs / DVDs and other electronic media, or to access options on brochures, pocket folders and binders. This article will help you understand your broad options when requesting custom boxes.

Some common types of boxes include:

– Corrosive

– Plastic

– turning edge,

– Boxing

– Aluminum


– Wood

Most people are familiar with ships made of thick brown (or craft) C-flute corrugated board. While inspecting the side cut of the flute corrugated, you noticed that it is very wide and thick. Good for delivery of goods but for accepting the graphics required for marketing a product. Not good

The e-flute groove is only 1/16 “thick, which is much thinner than the above-mentioned C-flute. In some cases, F-flute or B-fluted corrugated can be used. Flute) and used for very small boxes or boxes that require complex dye cutting. Surprisingly, the B flute is thinner than the C flute but thicker than the E flute. The B flute is about 1 /. 8 “thick and used for heavy weight projects.

Corrugated board is usually stockpiled by the mill and is defined by the colors. Brown, Oyster White, White.
White is the most expensive board and the most sought after for graphic use.
Collections are available by special order. Oyster overcraft or bleached overcraft is common. The corrugated part of the corrugated board is usually crafted.

Corrugated decoration

Litho Lam: Many consumers prefer to have graphics printed custom lip gloss boxes on 80 # litho paper in their corrugated boxes, which can be mounted on film, fragments and corrugated. (We call this labeling). The film seals the lamination printing and enables the box to be folded without cracking. The label is attached to the corrugated board before double cutting. Pieces of film can be either glossy or matte (also called de Lester). A label can be applied to the outside or inside of the box (also called a liner) or both. Usually the label is included in the whole box.

Flex printing: Imagine a large rubber stamp and now you have a good idea of ​​flex printing. If complex 4-color process graphics are not required, then flexo printing may be an alternative to consider. Since Fleco printing is not sophisticated, you can expect only 65 line screen quality. This is dramatically different from the standard 150 line screen in litho printing (labeling). The most valuable type of flaco printing is the color of the flood color (overall coverage). Stock printing plates can be used to paint on the board. However, if the graphics or type has to be removed from the solid field or you want to take the positive type or graphics, you have to create a custom cbd boxes printing plate. Flaco plates cost per square inch. The more graphics or type, the more expensive.

Silk Screen: In small quantities of silk, silk screening can be an effective alternative for making expensive folks’ plates. Modern technology has made silk screening as close and clean and fast as offset printing. We start with your artwork on either a computer disk or a good black and white copy. A positive film is made with art and placed on a screen that is coated with emulsion. The screen and artwork (a movie positive) light up for a few minutes. Prevents black emulsion of artwork from hardening. The positive film has been removed from the screen and the screen has been washed with high-speed water spray. Leaving a stencil of artwork on the screen washes away the emulsion from which it worked. The screen is mounted on a press and a small amount of special paint is applied to the contents of your box through the screen.

Silkscreen paints are used to get as close as possible to a particular color, but that’s not exactly science. We string on a lot of different colored materials and when we touch colors other than white, the mix in Pantone color varies.

Set up turn-side boxes and boxes: While corrugated boxes have “rough edges” where you can see the corrugated, the turn is different because the board is wrapped. Instead of using corrugated board, we use different weights of chip board. In small quantities, these boxes are made by hand. In large quantities, box making machines are used. Modified edge boxes cost more than corrugated boxes but are more visually appealing. Because chipboard is used, these boxes weigh more than the corrugated box. Set boxes fall into the category of edge boxes. These boxes are commonly known as gift boxes and jewelry boxes. Both the edge and the seat box can be wrapped in various types of coring, film-printed printed paper, linen cloth, fancy paper stock.