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An essential tool for e-merchants and holy grail for shopaholics, the promo code is a must in digital marketing . But then what is the definition of the promo code and how to integrate it into your web marketing strategy?


The promo code, or promotional code , is in the context of web marketing a dematerialized reduction coupon . Most of the time, this is an alphanumeric code that must be specified when validating the cart, when it is not implemented automatically after clicking on it.


 As seen above, the millets discount code is an offer which is characterized by entering a specific code to be able to access this offer, unlike the good plan, the offer of which is accessible to all, without conditions. There are different types of coupon codes, which entitle you to different offers . It can therefore be: of a product offered ; a reduction or promotion; a gift offered ; of available postage ; of points accumulated that provide access to other offers.


Setting up coupon codes can serve different purposes and therefore they can fit into many marketing strategies. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the goals that promo codes can achieve:

Promote a new brand : the millets discount code can help publicize a new brand if it is relayed by emailing campaigns, influencers or if it is highlighted by specialized coupon code sites that group them together . An offer on products or a meaningful gift will therefore be a good option. Attract new customers : via specialized coupon code sites, via sponsorship, which gives advantages to both the sponsor and the godson, via an offer when opening an account or for a first order. Launch a new collection or a new product : by relaying the code via different levers to reach a target audience, we can introduce the product or collection by making prices on the products in question or by offering miniatures. Increase 

the average basket : the average basket of your site is too low for your liking? Increase it with a promo code that entitles you to a gift or an advantage from a certain amount in the basket. 67% of Internet users have already added a product to their basket to benefit from a promo code 

1 . Convert a purchase : Internet users are looking for the best deals on the Internet and therefore are very fond of coupon codes. Also 53% of users abandon their cart if they do not find a promo code 2 . It is therefore prudent to offer coupon codes, especially since if you don’t, your competitors will. And 42% of Internet users are likely to change brands if they receive a discount coupon 

2 . So it better be yours! Prevent shopping cart abandonment : 

the practice of promotional codes by a brand in digital marketing allows a conversion rate 7 times higher compared to a brand that does not offer one. Without a promotion code, the brand is exposed to the risk that the Internet user will fill his basket, look for a promo code, not find one, and go to the competitor who offers it.

 Relaunching a customer who has been inactive for a long time : 

some brands send coupon codes by email to their customers who have been inactive for a while, remembering their good memories and encouraging them to order again on the website. Indeed, it is good to have new customers, but it is also necessary to keep the existing ones. Build customer loyalty: in order to build customer loyalty, we can also offer a promotional code to a customer who has recently placed a large order with a medium-term period of use in order to get them used to ordering frequently. 

Destocking : finally, the promo code is an excellent tool for destocking. Customers are delighted to receive a promo code offering them a privilege and it allows you to get rid of old stock. Everyone wins. Here are some ideas on the multitude of possibilities of uses and objectives that promo codes can fulfill in digital marketing , which are a real asset, both for the consumer but also for the brand.

How the promo code works 

“Promo code” is a term used in marketing to refer to a promotional offer. However, the promo code does not work like regular promotions. Customers must use a code to redeem it. This code is in the form of a succession of numbers or letters. “FGT2020” can for example be a promo code used by a brand to allow its loyal customers or prospects to benefit from a reduction. In general, the promo code allows you to obtain a reduction on the purchase price of a commodity.

It may take the form of a benefit in kind. It may also qualify for free delivery or an additional free item. How cashback works Cashback, on the other hand, has another definition and another function. It is defined as a marketing strategy created by cashbackers . The latter agree to return part of the cost of a product to buyers. For example, payment card designers agree to give customers up to 1% of their purchases. The distributors do the same for the prize pools of loyalty cards. In general, they reimburse up to 5% of the sale price. In recent years, many cashback sites have sprung up. They bring together several e-commerce sites. They offer a refund ranging from 1% to 5% .