The Significance of Product Photography in Influencing Conversion Rates, Returns & Sales

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What’s the point of having too many customer orders if they claim for returns? If your business is dealing with too many returns, slowed down conversion rate and lessened sales then one of the things that you must focus on is your photography. You can get help form Samantha Marie Photography to make the best photography.

If you are hiring professional product photography service then you must know that product photography pricing varies greatly. And you mustn’t compromise to choose an expert product photography service as it significantly influences all the three factors mentioned above.

The feeling of holding the product in hand when consumers shop in-store is replaced with product images online where they visually analyze the product. Without the images, websites are incomplete and at the end of the day we are all visual appealing creatures.

The product description, specification and pricing are vital in order to give info to online customers and influence the shopping behavior. It is the overall quality of product photographs that influences the decision of consumers to either click on the product or scroll past to look at other competitors.

Customers are highly conscious of their choices and expect the best when shopping online. They expect exactly the same product that they’ve seen online and therefore, maximum details need to be captured with the product photography.

If the customers feel that the images used in the advertisement or product page do not resemble the actual product received then chances are they will be returned. Therefore, impacting your sales.

Visual Advertising & Its Value

When it comes to online shopping experience, consumers tend to prefer a “visual-first” approach. As per several studies conducted on consumer buying behavior, it is observed that consumers react differently when they are presented with visual stimuli than text.

Consumers are able to decipher the visual elements more rapidly than text-based elements. The language presented in the form of text is decoded in a sequential and linear way.

In layman’s terms, it means that it takes longer to process texts than images for consumers. This is why the trend of visual shopping experience for consumers is adopted by websites and all other e-commerce communities such as Amazon, Facebook and more.

Social platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram are entirely based on visual content and the products are sold entirely based on that. Consumers barely read the entire text of the web copy when they visit any modern looking, professional website.

However, the images are the ones that consumers focus on and have a powerful impact to stick in their mind for a longer period. With great quality product photography, websites are enabled to get greater ROI.

Also, as a brand you have the responsibility to provide accurate and maximum information to the buyers so that they can come up with a buying decision. If the information is vague then the chances of conversion rate and sales diminishes.

Additionally, the accuracy in information through product photographs also decreases the rate of product returns. Since customers’ expectations will be met when the product arrives.

The product photography when done right represents the entire brand and not just one item that the customer is purchasing. That is why it is all the more important to invest in expert product photography. However, make sure to check out the product photography pricing and other factors before you hire the service.

4 Pro Tips to Enhance Product Photography

Now that we are past discussing the importance of product photography in influencing the conversion rate, returns and sales, it is time to discuss the ways in which you can enhance product photography. Here are some pro tips that can help in improving the overall results from product photography.

1.    Hire the professionals for the job

While many think that product photography can be achieved without the help of professionals then you are entirely wrong. A lot of elements go in for getting the most impressive results from product photography.

The technicalities which only a professional will understand. Companies may think that they’ll be cutting cost by not hiring a professional but the results would not be up to the mark.

Therefore, if you want enhanced product images for your website then you must hire the professionals for the job.

2.   Keep up with the consistency of your product line

Another pro tip that helps in enhancing product photography quality is to maintain the consistency across your overall product line. Therefore, choose to work with a single photographer who worked with you in the first place.

As product images also represent your brand, maintaining consistency across all of the product line is important. When a product is featured out of the context then the customer must be able to recognize the brand and product line it belongs to.

This helps in building better brand identity and recognition as well.

3.   Attention to small details and lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in product photography. In general, product photography is about representing a two-dimensional product in a three-dimensional way when captured in images.

In order to achieve such results, the lighting is a major contributing element and must be taken care of accordingly. If the lighting is not suitable then it makes the final results poor quality.

Aside from lighting, a product photographer must also pay attention to small details for getting high quality images of the product.

4.   To choose lifestyle photography in product photography

In order to make product images more appealing and relevant to customers, lifestyle photography is included in product photography. While the concept of product photography heavily includes the idea of providing accuracy and information to customers, lifestyle photography deals with emotion.

Therefore, an ideal marketing campaign would be such that the images include both emotion and information to appeal and engage the customers. Perfect balance between lifestyle and product photography can result in most promising outcomes.

So, what more are you waiting for? Compare the varied product photography pricing  and other factors and hire the best product photography service. The best product photography will definitely improve your sales, conversion rate and returns.