haircare in summers

Summertime: Your guide to haircare in summers

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Summers are here, and you can finally let your hair down, or can you? Depending on where you live, summers can either be a beachy blessing, or it can be an inconvenience of epic proportion.

For most part, summers involve excessive sweating, which naturally is not great for your hair. If you like cooling off in the ocean, that also means a pileup of salt in your hair, that causes the itching fest.

For people who like swimming in the pool and the very many pool parties that summers bring, it means exposing hair to chlorine in the pool. It can then affect the health of the hair, requiring professional intervention of your Skin Specialist in Karachi.

 Taking care of your hair

Cover up

Just as your skin gets damaged due to Sun exposure, so do your hair. The UV radiation in the sunlight can cause the hair to become dry, and hence brittle and prone to breaking. It also causes affects the color of the hair, making it brassy and fading the color.

Moreover, direct, and harsh sunlight can also, in extreme cases, lead to headaches and increased chances of heat stroke.

So, make sure that you cover up. Either don on a hat or cap. If that’s not your style, you can also go with a basic umbrella for shade. If you forget both options, then at least walk in the shade to prevent direct rays of Sun.

Sun shield

You can also invest in hair care products that are equivalents of sunscreen, but for hair. The products contain UV filters that form a protective layer a top of the hair, so to protect against the damage by the sunlight.

Control fizz

Hair are more likely to become fizzy in summers. Since there is greater humidity in the air, especially if you live around any water body, it then causes the hair to blow out and become extremely fizzy.

Not only are fizzy hair difficult to manage and style, untangling them is also no mean feat. If you can relate to the problem of hair fizz in the summers, then try to use products that offer fizz control.

You can also use oil and serums that tame your tresses. However, refrain from too much product in your hair, as it can cause your scalp to become grimier.

Swimming care

If you are taking a dip in the ocean or the pool, you need to be careful about your hair. Try to wear a swimming cap first before swimming. If not, then at least wet your hair or use a leave-in conditioner, so to prevent the hair from soaking up too much of the pool or ocean water, which contain chlorine and salt, respectively, both of which damage the hair.

Heating tools

Your hair are already dealing with too much heat, so, try to cut back on your use of heating tools like straighter, curling rod and blow dry.

Change your shampoo and conditioner

Just as the weather changes, so do your hair and skin needs. In summers, your hair are more likely to suffer from sweat and the resultant pileup of grime and grease in the hair.

When the skin of the scalp is clogged, the health of the hair and the scalp will suffer. From itching to irritation, many problems are likely to occur. So, try to use a clarifying shampoo that helps in cleaning and clearing the scalp. However, use this shampoo sparingly, as otherwise, it will strip off the hair oils, leading to issues like greasy hair etc.

Similarly, try to also use a good condition, one that moisturizes your hair so to handle the frizz and the tangles. It also can deal with the dryness in your mane. You can consult your skin specialist at Doctors Hospital for products that best fit your hair type and scalp conditions.