You Should Know About History of Cricket, Format And Benefits

Georgia E. SmithNov 18, 201912 min read

Cricket: Early Cricket (Pre 1799) There is a big consensus of professional opinion that Cricket may have been invented in the Saxon and Norman period by children living in the Weald, a region of dense forests and clearings in south-east England. The 1st reference to Cricket being played as an adult sport was in 1611, and that same year the dictionary determined Cricket as a boys ‘ game. There is…


Everything You Need To Know About Professional Wrestling

Georgia E. SmithNov 17, 201915 min read

Origins of Wrestling The first known signs of the history of wrestling date back to the time of the Sumerians, 5000 years ago. An Epic of Gilgamesh, written in cuneiform, the sculptures, and the low reliefs, are numerous sources that…


NFL: AMERICAN National Football League (NFL) 

Georgia E. SmithNov 17, 201913 min read

How American Football (NFL) Works  American football is an individual sport – it is a game about picking up an area as much all things considered about scoring focuses. At the point when two groups step onto a football field,…


History of Football and Upcoming Soccer Events 2019-2022

Georgia E. SmithNov 17, 201914 min read

The Historical Backdrop of Football (Soccer)  Football (or soccer as the game is brought in individual pieces of the world) has a long history. Football, in its present structure, emerged in England in the nineteenth century. However, elective forms of…