Wood Entry Door

Should I Install a Wood Entry Door?

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We all want to see our homes reach their most beautiful potential. For many homeowners, a check out top floor sanding in Wolongong is the element needed to get the exact look they are seeking. Whether you choose mahogany or walnut, you can find something that speaks to your exact tastes.  Wood is versatile and is often used in the interior of the home as well, from folding doors to accordion doors, wood is a great option that enhances the value of a home.

Benefits of a Wood Front Door

Many entry doors on the market today are trying to mimic the look of wood in some way — whether it’s a steel door stained to look like wood or a fiberglass door with wood grain. All three materials are great for entry doors, but there are many advantages in choosing an automatic swing door opener.

1. Wood entry doors boost your curb appeal.

Wood doors are popular for their aesthetic appeal. Considered by many to be the most attractive material for a door, wood comes in a variety of species that can be painted or stained in an almost endless array of options. The natural warmth and beauty of wood provides a different look and feel than other entry door materials. 

2. You can create your own custom wood front door.

Wood entry doors are easier to customize. Door panels, molding and any other special features can easily be crafted into wood to make your front door your own. You can also emphasize your wood’s natural grain with stain or make a statement with color.

Because wood is a natural material that can be shaped in different ways, residential steel security doors can be custom-made to fit almost any size of doorway. It’s also easy to insert glass windows or pieces into a custom wood entry door for added light.

3. Wood helps keep your home more comfortable.

Wood doors can help increase your home’s energy efficiency and even diminish noise from the outdoors. The material naturally absorbs sound, heat and cold to help protect your home from the elements and noise pollution outside.

4. Wood exterior doors are durable.

Depending on your climate, wood replacement doors can be a long-lasting, durable product. According to Consumer Reports, wood is one of the best door materials for resisting wear and tear. Wood doors are less likely to dent and scratch and are easier to repair. 

However, wood front doors usually require an overhang, so you will want to take that into consideration for your replacement project. And to keep them looking their best, they require ongoing painting or varnishing on a frequent basis.

What to Look for When Shopping for a Wood Entry Door

Wood is a versatile, durable, quality material. When shopping for a wood door, you want to consider a variety of factors to find the right door for your home.

1. Quality Craftsmanship

Look beyond the surface to ensure the door is built to last. Quality craftsmanship means attention to detail. Pella wood doors feature a floating panel that helps protect the door from splitting or cracking. Pella’s exclusive factory-prefinishing process seals and protects the door while enhancing the beauty of the wood’s natural grain.

2. Wood Entry Door Styles

Pay attention to style as well. Wood is a versatile material that comes in a variety of options from single to double front doors, multiple panel options and various designs. It offers a distinct look to complement many styles: 

  • Traditional wood front doors feature unique glass designs and detailed wood panels for a look that is timeless.
  • Craftsman front doors offer simple, symmetrical detailing and a steadfast make. Craftsman-style doors typically have glass on the upper third with a thick or ornate piece of trim immediately below.
  • Classic front doors add elegance and charm to a home with a historic feel. They feature decorative designs, beveled glass and true divided-light grilles.
  • Old World European entry doors take guests back in time when they arrive at your home. Textured glass and decorative iron accents add grandeur and character to your entryway.

Whatever wood entry door style you select, you can complete the look with decorative hardware, custom thresholds and other details to put the finishing touches on your main entrance. Explore different collections and options to find something that matches your house and your tastes.

3. Local Climate

Your local climate is one of the factors to think about before choosing a wood door. Temperature and humidity can play a role in the lifespan of a wood door. 

Another variable to consider is the direction your door will face. South and West exposures tend to expose a door to more sun. You should also consider if your home has features that can help protect wood doors from the weather, like a covered entrance, overhang or porch roof.

Depending on these variables, a wood door could need to be refinished more often. Expansion and contraction of a wood panel is completely natural but can be minimized with proper refinishing and interior humidity of your home. 

Prior to selecting a wood entry door, you should also consult the requirements that the manufacturer has for their warranty. Pella wood entry doors are backed by one of strongest warranties in the industry, providing coverage from deterioration in most climates.

4. Quality Installation

Installation matters just as much as craftsmanship. When you decide to invest in a wood entry door, you’ll benefit from having professional assistance to take your vision from a concept to a finished project. Professional door installation also ensures your door fits, opens and closes properly so that you get peak performance out of your entry door.

The entryway is the main point of any home. Wood entry doors add beauty you can be proud of. If you are looking for an inviting upgrade or just want to try out a more unique look for your home, find your nearest showroom and talk to your local Pella team to find the best wood front entry door for your home. Stop by our North Carolina showroom or arrange an appointment with us online.